Birthday Adventures in Pottery Throwing

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

This year I set a personal goal to treat something new each month. I knew I wanted to make that happen for my birthday and turn it into a fun date night with Will. After some research, we chose to go to Inspire Pottery Studio in Denver, PA. It was only 25 minutes away and they had a date night option as one of their classes.

The Basics

If anyone wants to visit, here’s all the basic info you need!

  • Location: 393 Locust St. Denver, PA 17517.
  • Cost: $130 per couple
  • Time: 2 hours from 6:30-8:30 PM
  • What You Get: Detailed guidance on making two different types of pottery, snacks & coffee/hot chocolate during the break, and 4 pieces of pottery glazed for you to pick up once they’re ready.
  • How to Sign Up: Head over to their website and choose the class you’d like and click on learn more.

Our Date Night

Our drive over was super easy, but finding the studio was a little hard in the dark. We got lucky and followed another car into the parking lot. There was a small sign above the door so we knew we were in the right spot.

For anyone planning on going, the location does look like it’s in the middle of nowhere. There are giant white buildings and a ramp that leads to the entrance of the studio. During the day, it’s probably super obvious. In the pitch black, not so much. We made it though!

Once everyone arrived, we got to choose which wheel we wanted to sit at. Luckily, we chose one where the instructor was right next to us. She gave us an awesome run down of what to do and then we got to dive right into it. For our first piece we all got to make a bowl. We got some creative freedom which was awesome.

Our instructor made throwing pottery look insanely easy. Our first step was slapping the clay into a rounded shape and placing it facedown on the wheel. Then we rounded the other side a little more to anchor it. After that, we started up the wheels, sprinkled water on the clay to keep it wet and attempted to fully anchor it which should be easy, but is absolutely not. I had some funky shapes going on, but our instructor was amazing and helped us whenever we needed it. Eventually my blob of clay turned into a not-super-wonky bowl shape! I know this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to most people, but ya’ll I was so excited.

After we finished our bowls, we placed them on a drying rack and washed off. Then it was break time! We all took a break with cookies and our choice of hot chocolate or coffee. Cookies were awesome and I loved that we had a break in the middle to talk and just hang out. We had some time to explore, so once we got our drinks we got to walk around and look at the finished pottery that was on display and for sale. They have everything from mugs to art pieces to hanging planters and everything in between. It was so cool wander around and see all of the different kinds of pottery they had, the different glazes, and the designs in several pieces.

We also got to see our option for the second piece we were making. Our options were a berry bowl, another bowl, hanging planter, or a mug. Will chose a coffee mug and I chose the hanging planter. Since we were repeating a lot of the skills we practiced in the first half of the night we got to jump right into the process. The instructor still came around and helped us when we needed it (which was a lot) but it felt really awesome to create something from scratch.

After everyone had finished everyone cleaned their stations and then chose which glaze they wanted on each of their pieces. We got to choose between white, licorice, slate, bright blue, and green. This was seriously one of the most memorable and fun date nights Will and I have ever had. It was the perfect let’s try something new type of night. We loved it so much we’re going to sign up for a 6-week class. Watch out. Everyone is getting wonky pottery for Christmas this year.

Saturday Celebrations

Since I worked all day on my actual birthday, we wanted our date night out that night but to fully celebrate with food the next day. We went out to brunch somewhere we’d never been, Savoy Truffle.

Hellooooooo delicious breakfast sandwiches. We both got a pork, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bagel and shared an order of fries. This was the brunch of my dreams and could not have been happier with this.

That night we made pizza from scratch together and cooked it in our pizza oven. We got fancy and did Margherita, pepperoni, and fajita style mini pizzas.

We’ve been making our own pizzas from Will’s dad’s and grandpa’s recipes for almost a decade now. Each time we get the recipe even better than the last time.

For dessert, I got a cake from my absolute favorite baker in town, Cakeology. I’m seriously broken now because all other cakes just don’t taste as good as hers.

She did a Valentine’s Day special and I ordered the cake option with chocolate cake, ganache, and raspberry icing, but we ended up not eating it for Valentine’s Day and saved it for my birthday.

It took all of my willpower to not eat the entire thing at once which should tell you how amazing it was.


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