11 Ways To Spot An American Abroad

God created war so that Americans would learn geography. Mark Twain As an American who has lived abroad and traveled to over 20 different countries, I am acutely aware of other Americans when I travel. We’re known worldwide for our goofy outfits, loud exclamations, and our inability to speak other languages. Luckily, I’m not oneContinue reading “11 Ways To Spot An American Abroad”

If You Can, Go: Travel Now Before It’s Gone

Today we mourn the loss of Notre Dame. These moments make me want to travel more than ever to see these sites before they are lost to us. Read on to see more on why.

7 Reasons Why Lancaster, PA Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Take it from me as a newly local Lancastrian, Lancaster needs to be on your travel bucket list. As one of the most underrated cities on the East coast, it needs to be put on the map as a travel destination. Read on to see 7 reasons why you need to plan your trip!

10 Ways to Be More Respectful When You Travel

If we lose love and self-respect for one another, this is how we finally die.” Maya Angelou I’ve been traveling for over half of my life and the one thing that really bothers me about tourists is how disrespectful they can be. So many people leave home and left their manners and humanity with them.Continue reading “10 Ways to Be More Respectful When You Travel”

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