Travel-Themed Date Night Ideas Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.

Lewis Carroll

If that quote doesn’t describe me and my love language I don’t know what could. We aren’t doing anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have ideas! I came up with a short list of ideas for a few different types of Valentine’s Day you might be celebrating. This one is not only for the couples, but my single people, dog parents, and friends as well.

Go out and celebrate with whoever you’re choosing to celebrate or fly solo with these ideas. No matter what, have fun exploring. If you have more ideas for this list, leave your suggestions in the comments below. More fun ideas are always welcome!

All the Single Ladies & Gents

You don’t need no man or woman to have a good time on Valentine’s Day! There are so many ways to treat y-o-u on this day of (self)love.

  • Take a cooking class with an international theme
  • Book a cozy solo glamping trip for a little relaxation and adventure rolled into one trip
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Find a nearby town with a food tour and make a day of it by exploring a new place and tasting new foods
  • Have breakfast at home, lunch 20 miles away, and dinner 50 miles away
  • Try a new activity like pottery throwing, trapeze, or ax throwing
  • Go geocaching
  • Have your own international film festival while cozy at home in a blanket burrito

Friends’ Date

Got friends who also want to celebrate each other? Make it an entire day just a night out with your favorite people. After all, your friends will be the ones there whether you’re in love or not. We should be celebrating them all the time any way! Where’s the national friend day???

  • Everyone picks one small activity to try and make a day or night of trying them all
  • Plan a fun day for your friend with all the things they love doing and have them do the same thing for you!
  • Take a mini road trip together
  • Get competitive by hosting a game night
  • Karaoke night, anyone?
  • Go see a play/live music
  • DIY paint night at home
  • Manicure/pedicure/spa date for a treat yourself kind of day

For the Dog Parents

Hi, this is me. While we aren’t big on celebrating Valentine’s Day I love any date that also includes our dogs. Which is why you get this super random and amazing section for people who are also extra and love their dogs more than anything in the world.

  • Take your pups to a winery or brewery for a boozy date. Don’t forget to bring treats for them too!
  • Let your dog choose your date activities. Write down ideas on post-its or index cards. Present two options to them for the morning activity and let them sniff each one. The one most sniffed wins. Repeat this for as many activities as you want to do.
  • Go hiking for an adventurous day out of the house
  • Make a pillow fort on the floor, curl up with your dogs and favorite snacks and watch a movie together
  • Make a gourmet dinner from scratch for you AND your dogs
  • Bring your fur babes on a weekend getaway to a dog-friendly hotel
  • Book a photography session with the dogs to capture some adorable moments
  • Come up with the ultimate day your dog would love. For mine that would be the dog park, a hike/walk, TREATS, frisbee time with his friends and then snuggling. Make it all about your pup and showing them some love.

Date Night for the Couples

Stay at home for a romantic night in or go out and about for a great time exploring. No matter where you end up going (or staying) there are so many date ideas you can try if traveling is one of your favorite things. Go celebrate your partner with these fun date ideas!

  • Make international desserts together. Spice it up by eating them in bed 😉
  • Turn your home into a fancy hotel. Go full out with this with rose petals, candles, fluffy towels/robes, champagne, and more!
  • Host an around the world party where every couple brings a dish from a different country
  • Try something new together to create fun memories and a stronger bond.
  • Pick a nearby town at random to explore and have lunch/dinner there
  • Find a rooftop bar for drinks to get the best views of the city/town at sunset
  • Go on a staycation at the coolest Airbnb or hotel in town
  • Plan a romantic getaway and travel together. Yes, please!
  • Book a boudoir photo shoot together!

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