8 Books to Get You In the Wintry & Christmas Spirit

Snow was falling,
so much like stars
filling the dark trees
that one could easily imagine
its reason for being was nothing more
than prettiness.

Mary Oliver

Winter is not my favorite season, but I can appreciate it. I try to focus on the good things like how happy the cold makes my dog, how much fun snow can be, and how curling up under a mound of blankets with a good book makes life almost feel like summer.

These are just a few of the books I’ve read recently that have major winter vibes. Some are cute and will have you smiling all the way through and others will leave you afraid to turn the lights off. All of them are set in cold destinations so it puts you right in the middle of the wintry spirit just in time for the holidays. (P.S. several of these will be featured in this month and next month’s book adventure boxes!).

One Day In December

This book by Josie Silver explores love at first sight and how far friendships can bend and transform as a result. Set in London and stretching over the course of a decade, this is an unexpected love story that will give you anxiety for most of the book, but in an extremely endearing way. It’s a near-perfect Christmas love story that isn’t like the rest of the books in the genre.

The Tourist Attraction

Sarah Morgenthaler does an incredible job of making a vacation to Alaska both hilarious and heart-warming. When Zoey finally takes the trip of her dreams to Moose Springs, Alaska she expected to have an incredible time, but never expected to fall in love. This story is quirky, hilarious, and perfect for a cold night curled up on the couch.

The Hunting Party

Set in the Scottish highlands right before the New Year, a group of friends continue their tradition of getting together. A snow storm hits and one of their group ends up dead. Lucy Foley is a master of psychological thrillers and will keep you guessing until the very end. Don’t forget to keep the lights on because you won’t be able to trust anyone in this thrilling book.

How the Penguins Saved Veronica

What do you get when a crotchety old woman imposes herself on a penguin research expedition in Antarctica? A hilarious story that will leave you feeling surprisingly warm despite the frigid setting. I love stories with curmudgeonly protagonists and this hit the spot in the best way possible.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Unreliable narrators? Creepy, cold destination? Sordid pasts? Yes, please. Here’s another psychological thriller for you that will have you gripping the pages to see just what is going to happen next. You can’t trust anyone. Everyone is up to something. The past haunts the present. Try not to read this while you’re alone in a cabin in the woods. You’re going to want to have the lights on and the doors locked.

In Five Years

When I first picked this up I thought this was a typical love story. Oh man, was I wrong in a great way. One night a woman with a rigid 5-year plan meticulously written out for her life wakes up in an alternate universe where her plan turned into something she never imagined. She awakes again back in her universe, but completely changed, especially when she meets the man she was engaged to in her dream experience. This might sound like a typical love story, but it’s truly about the power of friendship woven throughout a story about finding your true self.

The Holiday Swap

This is next up on my reading list. Identical twins decided to switch lives right before Christmas. There’s nothing like a good escape from reality and then hilarity ensues type of read during the holidays. Wouldn’t taking a mini break from your responsibilities be great for a day, especially if unexpected attractive men appear on the scene!? Sometimes you just need a good ole Christmas romantic comedy during the holidays. Even if you can’t escape stress, you can escape into a book.

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery

Jenny Colgan’s writing is the epitome of feel-good reading. Her stories are set in quaint English or Scottish towns and they’re always so sweet and heartfelt. Do yourself a favor and start with the prequel, The Little Beach Street Bakery to get yourself familiar with the characters. This book delves deeper into the character’s lives and you get to read about incredibly delicious baked goods that will have you running into your kitchen to bake once you’ve finished reading.

What are some of your favorite Christmas or holiday reads? You know I’m always on the hunt for more great books to read and recommendations from my readers are always the best!


One thought on “8 Books to Get You In the Wintry & Christmas Spirit

  1. These books are absolutely delightful suggestions. I cannot wait to read them all; both for personal connection and pure enjoyment. Thanks for the special treat, Emma! Happy Holidays!


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