Unique Gift Ideas for the Travelers In Your Life

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show


Travelers can be hard to buy for. They usually pack light, have already bought what they need, and not everyone likes trinkets and stuff. As someone who loves gifts, but cherishes the experiences more I can totally get that. This year I’m putting together a list that’s (hopefully) more meaningful for travelers and super helpful for people searching for gifts.

Book Subscription

Books are one of the things that let you travel when you’re stuck at home. They’re also an easy item to pack. I love book subscriptions because so many support small bookstores and they allow the subscribers to customize their picks for a more personal experience. Currently, I subscribe to Book of the Month and I’m choosing between The Book Drop and Page1 Books if you needed suggestions. Another fun way to share the gift giving experience? Swap books with a friend or leave/take a book at a Little Free Library anywhere in the world!

If you want to take it a step further, I make book adventure boxes. (Sorry for the shameless plug). Each of my boxes comes with a book from a genre you choose, a handmade bookmark, a handmade postcard, an add-on item that goes with the theme of the month, and a scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt lets you experience the book’s events, tastes, etc as you read it. Plus you can take all of it on vacation with you! Check out my store here or on Etsy.

Photo or Art Print of their Favorite Place

Sometimes the best gift is remembering some of your favorite places. Whether you print out a favorite photo your friend or loved one took on their travels or you have an artsy print made for them, the meaning behind it will be there and inspire happy memories.

Most of the prints on my walls are photos I’ve taken that have especially great memories attached and I love seeing them everyday. It makes me want to travel more, but I’m motivated to plan something epic so I can look back on those photos the same way I do with the ones already on my wall. I also have a few art prints of my current town, because hey, it’s home and I love it. There are endless options for it and picking something custom like that is part of the fun of the holiday season.

Spices to Experience New Tastes

Food is always a highlight of traveling. You get the chance to experience authentic tastes, try new foods, and discover new combinations. Eating at a local restaurant featuring the same cuisine will take you back, but eating out for every meal just isn’t a good idea. That’s where spices come in.

A spice shop opened up around the corner from me and it honestly changed my cooking experience. We’d always buy our spices and herbs from the grocery store and had no idea what we were missing until we tried the “real” stuff. Do yourself and everyone on your list a favor and send them samples of spices and herbs they love or haven’t tried before from someone who makes them for a living. The level of taste is mind-blowing and takes me back to my travels every single time.

A Class or Local Experience

Foodie traveler on your list? Try a cooking/baking class as a gift.

Booze-loving traveler you need a gift for? Try a local wine tasting or brewery experience.

There’s so many ways to get creative with gifts for people who love to travel. It’s almost guaranteed they love to try new things and will always be up for a fun, new experience they can share with you and other loved ones. Once you know what activity your friend would love, you can start searching your area for fun experiences to share!

It’s also a fun way to challenge yourself on keeping your gift-giving budget reasonable. For active travelers you can give them a coupon for a hike with you whenever they choose. You can also have a baking competition in your house or something equally as fun without breaking the bank.

Self Care Items

Ever come home from a trip feeling like hot garbage? I think we all have. That layer of airport smell and feel that lingers on your skin and clothes. The overall tiredness of your brain. The funk you get in to come home to a pile of laundry and stuff to unpack and work to go back to. Ugh. Time for some self care.

Travelers are notorious for pushing through and dealing with uncomfortable situations, but we often forget to treat ourselves and take care of numero uno once we get home. Coming back to reality is much easier knowing I have clean pjs, fuzzy socks, bath bombs, and face masks waiting for me at home. It’s also great knowing these make fantastic stocking stuffers.

What Other Items Do You Love As a Traveler?

Let me know in the comments below! Also, I’m not affiliated with any of these links (except my own store!). I just love the products and have gotten them recently, so I wanted to share the love and promote some local, small businesses!

I’d love any recommendations you have so I can finish my holiday shopping as well!


2 thoughts on “Unique Gift Ideas for the Travelers In Your Life

  1. Brilliant, thoughtful, and very clever suggestions. Love the way you showed us your display presentations. But, what about a plane ticket to Scotland for your mom??


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