Easy (but Romantic) Trips to Take This Valentine’s Day

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

Charles M. Schulz

Tis the Hallmark season. You know, the one everyone either loves or hates. Regardless of whether you use it to celebrate with your significant other or are treating yourself this year, there are tons of ways to add some travel into your plans. You don’t have to go to Paris and kiss under the Eiffel Tower to sprinkle some love and travel into your lives. Check out these simple tips to put a little adventure and travel into your Valentine’s Day.

Take a Long Weekend Trip

What’s better than going away for the weekend on a romantic (or not) trip with someone you love? Taking an extra day off of work to do so. Splurge a little this V-day and take a break from it all. Go rent a cabin in the mountains or by the beach. Go be happy and not worry about work with the added bonus of doing it in a new place you’ve never visited.

Take a Road Trip

Yes, I know this is very similar, but there are some big differences and cute ways to spruce this up. Make a road trip playlist for your significant other. Surprise them with a trip somewhere that they’ve always talked about. Find a way to make the destination more personal and go for it!

Choose a New Restaurant

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE food. I also love exploring to find more amazing places to eat. One thing that has worked out way better than I ever expected was choosing a town no more than an hour away that neither of us had ever been to. We drove around and stopped at the first restaurant that looked delicious to us both and gave it a shot. Now this can turn out super well or become a disaster depending on a lot of factors. Keep an open mind and make sure that if it is a disaster to laugh it off.

Go Old School

Track down your nearest drive in movie theater. They still exist all over the country and are usually much cheaper than going to see a movie in an actual theater. PLUS, how much more romantic can you get when you’re snuggled up next to your loved one watching a movie from your car?

Have a Picnic

Find a scenic spot you’ve never had the chance to visit and take the time to visit, explore, and have a sweet lunch together. Bonus points if you cook the meal together beforehand.

Booze It Up

Only if that’s your thing. Before I say anything else, drive responsibly. Now that I’ve gotten the necessary precautions out of the way… Go to a winery! Go on a brewery tour! Go to a cidery! Find a tasting! If you two love to drink together, why not make it a romantic date in a new place for you to explore at the same time?

Try Something You Wouldn’t Normally Do

I love these date nights. They really bring you closer together as a couple and can be geared towards each of your interests. This is especially fun if you are in a new place and want to dip your toes in to what the town/city has to offer. What is the new place famous for? Try it. Is it axe throwing? Pasta making? Skiing? The possibilities are endless. Put yourselves out there and have fun together.


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