4 Exciting Day Trips to Take From Los Angeles

Los Angeles was an incredible place to visit and see. I’ll never regret going downtown with all of the other tourists to see the countless attractions but my favorite spots were the smaller, more laid backs areas like the four below. Check out my recommendations and let me know your favorites!


What: Malibu quickly became my favorite spot in California. We began our trip there and ended there as well. There’s tons of DELICIOUS places to eat right on a beach or pier. The views are really what’s best about this place!

Where: Malibu is about a 45 minute drive from LAX and is right on the coast.

Attractions: Come hungry and come with your beach gear. Have a quick bite to eat in Paradise Cove or take a walk on the beach to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean. This area isn’t anywhere near as crowded as many tourist attractions in Southern California so you can enjoy having the place almost to yourselves.

Santa Monica

What: Santa Monica quickly became my favorite spot on the trip. It’s gorgeous, has a little bit of everything, and I just felt immediately like I’d found a place I fit in. 

Where: Santa Monica is located about 30 minutes West of L.A. and is situated right on the beach.

Attractions: These are almost never ending. The pier has local vendors and street performers as well as Pacific Park. The end marker for the infamous Route 66 is right on the pier. For fitness lovers, there’s lanes set up for biking and walking; surfing is common as well as swimming. Muscle beach is a medium-length walk down the beach too!

Randsburg/California City

What: Randsburg is such a unique town. It is an inhabited ghost town with lots of charm, history, and unique experiences.

Where: Randsburg is a ex-mining town in the Mohave Desert near California City. Most people drive or if you’re feeling adventurous like we were you can cruise the desert in an ATV.

Attractions: Randsburg is a fun trip back in time. There is a museum there, general store, and live events such as panning for gold, music, and gun fights. The town also has much of its old building still intact and exactly the way they were during the period when the gold mines were operational. Check out some of the abandoned mine shafts as well (just be careful).


What: Ventura was a gorgeous little town I got to visit for a day of kayaking and beach bumming.

Where: Ventura is a little more of a hike from L.A. since its about an hour and a half NW.

Attractions: Kayaking is one of the things Ventura is known for and for a great reason. It’s reasonably priced and there’s lots of places to explore. The town itself features lots of shopping and of course beaches to walk or sit on.


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