They Did What!? 10 Pet Peeves Everyone Can Relate To When Flying

“It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is.”–Phillippe Perin


Ever sit next to someone who thinks they are entitled to half of your space? What about the person who bathed in cologne before getting on the plane? Everyone has something that grinds their gears, but inevitably happens ALL OF THE TIME. Most people forget their manners and completely let loose on planes. Hopefully, this post reaches the people it needs to and helps all of us realize that the things we might think are normal drive other people crazy.

  1. Pulling On The Seat In Front of You — Some people genuinely need the extra boost so before you get angry and let loose the rage machine check to see if they’re in need of help or being lazy. If you are a guilty seat yanker please know that it is terrifying when you are woken up to your own person earthquake accompanied by dreams of falling suddenly.
  2. Kicking Seat In Front Of You–Children are especially guilty of this. Sometimes parents are genuinely unaware their children are kicking the mess out of your seat. Calmly explain what’s happening and that should solve the problem.
  3. Putting Feet In Between Seats Around You— You just settled into your seat and you have your snacks and drinks all set up. You go to put your arms on the armrest and hit FEET. Cue music from Psycho. It’s never a perfectly manicured foot of a foot model. Oh no. It’s a gnarled wrinkled thing that has toenails the size of talons and looks like it’s sizing you up so it can eat you when you fall asleep. If you do this please stop. No one wants random feet all up in their business.
  4. Body Odor— We’ve all been next to a smelly person on a plane and there’s not much we can do about that. Wearing too much cologne and perfume is pretty much the same thing in my book. I’ve been sitting next to someone and felt like I couldn’t breathe. While I appreciate the effort you took to smell good the rule of thumb is spritz, spritz, and walk through. Don’t bathe in it.
  5. Oversized Carry On Bags–If you can’t lift it or fit it in the overhead bins please check it. No one wants a delayed flight because you are trying to reverse physics a bag into a too small compartment. If it’s small enough to fit under the seat don’t take up space in the overhead bin. There’s never enough space for everyone.
  6. Hogging Plane Aisles During Landing and Takeoff— If you are one of those people who sprint from their seats and throw people out of the way to get off the plane first you might want to reassess your strategy. Most of the people who do this are not trying to reach a close connection, but want to be first at the baggage claim. Stay calm, be prepared, and courteous.
  7. Noisy People On Night Flights–Night flights are supposed to be quiet. Most people try to pass the time by sleeping and many have meetings or business to attend to in the morning. While I completely understand how excited some people get while traveling, let’s keep the noise to a dull roar and be respectful of others.
  8. Intruding On Your Space— You paid for your seat and someone else seems to think they also bought 75% of your space as well. Some people spread their elbows out wider than an albatross and think you will be okay with it. Politely tell them that your space is indeed your space and to please stop squishing you.
  9. Bumping Others When You Pass–Turbulence happens. Bumping others happens more often than not, but so does bumping and not apologizing. I’ve seen someone hit someone in every single row with a giant bag and did not apologize despite bashing children in the head. Please be respectful.
  10. Uncontrollable Children–Children are always a wildcard. Make sure to be respectful to the parents who are probably at their wit’s end getting their children to sit still for a long flight or even 10 seconds. However, children running screaming down the aisles is a genuine problem.

BONUS:  Clipping your nails on a plane. I’ve seen it once and for the love of all travel please please please never do this.

Chances are we’ve all been guilty of doing something on this list. Take it as a learning curve and a way to improve your flying experience and others’ flying experiences.

Did I miss one of your biggest pet peeves while flying? Comment below!

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