Make It Epic: 5 MORE Ways to Make Your Vacation More Adventurous

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”–Anais Nin

Last week’s post was such a great success that I HAD to make another one. This will be at least a 3 part series to give everyone something they could look forward to adding to their trip. Trying something new and experiencing new things is one of the core reasons we travel. Here are a few more ways to spice up your travel and turn it into an adventure.


Dune Buggy Rides/Sand-boarding


My friend and I tried both of these (they often come together as a package deal) while we were in Peru in early 2018. We had never tried either and thought it would be something really memorable. Oh my goodness was it ever. We were flung every which way in the dune buggy and were laughing every minute. For the sand-boarding, we laid down on the boards (standing up is WAY more advanced) and were pushed off the edge of a high dune. It. Was. INCREDIBLE.

Pros: You will have the thrill of your life doing both and they are relatively inexpensive especially if you get a package deal.

Cons: You get sand in places you didn’t even know you had.


Cliff Jumping


When people hear me say this they immediately think of a skyscraper-esque cliff that has jagged rocks all around and would take a precision diver’s skills just to survive. That’s definitely not what I’m advertising. “Cliffs” can be whatever height you want to jump off of. I jumped off of a few during my time in Malta. There were several of varying heights so I could build up to higher jumps plus the water was crystal clear and I could see any people or potentially harmful objects.

Pros: It’s almost always free and you can find something to jump off of almost anywhere.

Cons: You HAVE to check your surroundings. Talk to the locals and see where they go and listen to any precautions they tell you about. Some areas may be too muddy or have rip currents. Always keep safety in mind as your first priority.




If there is a body of water you can go kayaking. Beginners can learn on lakes or slow-moving rivers. Advanced kayakers can try white water or the ocean. So far I’ve been in rivers of varying speeds, the ocean, a few lakes, and even a pool.

Pros: You can kayak almost anywhere. It is cheap to have a package tour with a guide to teach you the basics and show you around. If you have a kayak you can explore on your own without being held back by a group or itinerary. It’s great for all levels of fitness and skill.

Cons: You have to travel with large gear or you have to pay to rent gear and a tour.




Obviously, you can’t go do this everywhere, but it is worth it to travel somewhere you can try this. Yes, it’s awkward at first, yes it is incredibly fun and MUCH easier than trudging through snow in regular boots. Need ideas on where you can do this? Alaska is by FAR the best option.

Pros: It’s a great workout, you can go hiking in all types of weather, it’s something really different and unique.

Cons: You need to rent shoes. You need to travel somewhere with regular snowfall in the winter.


Obstacle Race/Mud Run

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but man do you feel like Wonder Woman or Superman when you finish one of them. It’s a great way to meet locals and to add fitness to your trip. Plus you get unlimited bragging rights when you go home. What’s better than pushing past your mental limits on yourselves to climb over obstacles and slide through the mud for an hour?

Pros: Free t-shirt and/or medal. Bragging rights. Increased health. A feeling of accomplishment.

Cons: You have to plan your trip dates/locations around the event. It costs anywhere from a small to a hefty fee depending on how soon you register and which race you plan on doing.

Pro Tip: Bring a towel and change of clothes. You will be covered in mud, water, color bombs, sweat, etc. Your car will thank you.


What was your favorite from this list or last week’s list? Don’t forget to keep checking back for weekly updates every Sunday and be on the lookout for the last installment of this 3 part adventure ideas series soon!

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