2021 Travels: A Quick Snapshot of My Travels

I wish travel therapy was covered by my health insurance.


2021 didn’t turn out to be the best year of travel that I’d envisioned, but looking back did give me a surprise. We made the most out of another scary year and explored so much locally and in PA where we live. To keep as many people as safe as possible we won’t be taking any international trips until it’s safe to do so and are taking as many precautions as possible, including not traveling. BUT I wanted to share my travel year in review.

My boyfriend and I went to see some really cool places, visited family, and explored together. I took a few solo trips down to see friends and family. Overall, it wasn’t what I expected, but any travel is always fun in my book.

My Local Library

Date: All year long!

Will laughed at me for putting this on here, but I honestly think it was my most visited place in 2021. Our local market and the grocery store were either a tie for first or a close second. Reading got me through the pandemic unscathed and my library is next level because of the amazing librarians that run it.

I love walking my dogs there and stopping to get my boyfriend a coffee at one of our two favorite shops along the way (SquareOne Coffee and The Sweet Shoppe). My library even let me do curbside pickup when I realized I needed to go inside to grab books and I couldn’t because I brought my dogs.

Roundtop Mountain Resort

Date: March 2021

I went skiing for the first time! Turns out there’s a ski resort an hour from our house which still blows my mind because Lancaster is so flat and it barely snows here. It’s there and it was amazing. Will is used to New Mexico’s massive mountains, but we couldn’t pass up the adventure.

He went off on his own to have fun while I did my best to not wipe out during lessons on the world’s smallest slope of snow next to the parking lot… I don’t think I’ve ever clenched my butt so hard for so long. It was great fun though! I even made it down an actual slope 4 or 5 times! 2 of those times I didn’t even fall. Can’t wait to go back!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Date: April 2021

New Mexico is always a trip I look forward to. We go to visit Will’s grandparents, but we make sure to explore or do something new every time we go. This past trip we did so many new things that it was probably our best trip yet.

From hiking at the top of mountains, discovering new breweries, doing puzzles with his grandparents, to finding amazing new places to eat, this trip was fantastic. If you wanted to see a much more detailed rundown of that trip it’s here.

Knotts Island, NC and Williamsburg, VA

Date: May 2021

Most people have never heard of Knotts Island and I’m never surprised. It’s the tiniest island right over the border from Virginia Beach and NC. Will’s dad lives there, so on our annual visit all of the parents road trip we took the pups and drove down.

We always have a great time, but the dogs are the ones who have the freaking time of their lives. They had a giant yard to play in, so many balls to throw, and tons of dogs to hang out with. This was Mickey’s first trip there and he loved it. Atlas basically grew up there so it’s his favorite place.

On our way back up we visited Will’s brother in Williamsburg. Our pups got more doggo play time and hiking adventures near the house!

Philadelphia, PA

Date: June 2021

One of things I love about Lancaster is that it’s so close really fun major cities without having the expensive prices or crazy traffic. Philly is one of those cities that is super easy for us to visit.

Our day definitely didn’t go as planned, but winging it can be fun too. Either way we got to have a great lunch, explore the Reading Terminal Market and walk around town. We even discovered a circus and made plans for our next trip there.

Harrisburg, PA

Date: August 2021

Some of our favorite people live in Harrisburg. We drove up for an outdoor walk and visit to the indie bookstore there. We loved catching up with friends, exploring a city we’ve never gotten a chance to explore so far, and of course I loved the bookstore. Bonus points because it was dog friendly.

The Great Outdoors of Lancaster, PA

Date: All Year

Market trips. Outdoor workouts. Dog park mornings. Peach and blackberry picking. Walks with the dogs. Doggo swimming days. Hiking. Hanging out outside (yes, even with the cats). Light walks. Mechanical bull riding. Frisbee play times in the snow.

We tried to make the most of a less than ideal situation while being safe. I think we did a pretty awesome job. It helps living in a place where there’s so much to do!

Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square, PA — Fall Edition

Date: September 2021

I’m no stranger to botanical gardens, but after hearing so much about Longwood Gardens from friends I knew this place was different and on a whole other level. Will and I decided to take a mini road trip for the day (yay date days out!). These gardens were GORGEOUS. We had such a great time walking around and seeing exotic as well as common plants. The scale of the place was enough to blow your mind. For my full review check out this post!

Mill Creek, PA

Date: October 2021

Halloween weekend is the perfect time to go off the grid in the middle of the woods in a cabin…right? Yes, actually. Despite the rain and the cold we got to take a mini vacation with our dogs in nature. We had the cutest cabin, went hiking up an entire mountain, and had great food.

We had no idea this town existed until we booked our cabin and we had a ton of fun exploring and seeing what it had to offer. We can’t wait to visit this place again during warmer months so we can fully experience everything!

New York City, NY

Date: November 2021

This is one of my favorite trips of 2021, but not because of the destination. I got to see my flatmate/one of my favorite people I met when I was living in England. It was so much fun to just walk around the city without any kind of plan except to catch up and have a good time.

I saw so much of the city that I had never even known existed, enjoyed great food, and just had one of the best days.

Williamsburg, VA

Date: May and December 2021

Both trips to Williamsburg this year lasted less than two days, but we managed to pack a ton of activities into them. We always take the boys to Colonial Williamsburg to walk around and there are a ton of lunch and breakfast places we love to try that are dog friendly.

The December trip coincided with a craft fair, so we could explore that as well. We went out to a family dinner with Will’s family and just enjoyed some downtime with is rare for me.

Richmond, VA

Date: December 2021

I barely took any pictures…oops… BUT I went to see both of my parents to celebrate an early Christmas. Then I got to go to see one of my oldest friends and family at her baby shower. The trip lasted less than 48 hours, so I chose to spend it not on my phone and just enjoying the moment. Still wish I got more pictures, but hey, I’m human!

Longwood Gardens Winter Edition

Date: December 2021

Another trip to Longwood Gardens?? Yes, but this time it was decked out in winter lights and plants! There was a light show timed perfectly to Xmas music, an indoor extravaganza of holiday-themed flower installations, outdoor fire and ice-themed displays, and so much more.

What was your favorite trip you took this year?? Let me know in the comments below and as always thank you so much for reading and stopping by! It means the world to me.


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