Hadrian’s Wall: A Photo Story

He stood staring into the wood for a minute, then said: “What is it about the English countryside — why is the beauty so much more than visual? Why does it touch one so?

Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

When I moved to England to get my MA in archaeology, one of the first places I was lucky enough to explore was Hadrian’s Wall. Seeing the ruins of the forts, the longevity of the wall itself in many places, and the GORGEOUS countryside made me fall in love with the UK. The pictures I took are not up to my current standard by any means, but I love looking back on them.

Here’s a few glimpses into the rich history of England. I know I can’t wait to get back and possibly hike the entire wall! Next time I promise I’ll bring a better camera, but even then I don’t think pictures can do justice to how beautiful the landscape is there.



Hike from Housesteads to Vindolanda



Chester’s Fort

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