Cuisine by Country: Part 7

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.

Mark Twain

Sorry this is a few days late. I’ve been on vacation in Puerto Rico, so expect some great future food, photography, and guide posts coming soon!

That being said, let’s get hungry! Researching some of these proved harder than normal, but I’m excited to shed some light on these cultural staples in each of these countries. Put on your stretchy pants, tuck your napkin into your shirt, and get ready to drool over these delicious meals found in each of these countries.


  1. Ugali — Without a doubt, this is an absolute staple in the Kenyan diet. Don’t be surprised if this maize flour porridge is eaten with the hands or rolled into balls. It’s typically cooked in boiling water or milk until it gets a firm, dough-like consistency.
  2. Sukuma Wiki — Sukuma roughly translates to collard greens, but don’t fool these with the southern American dish. It’s been a favorite staple in the diet for over 2,000 years across various cultures. It’s also commonly eaten with onions, many spices, and ugali.
  3. Nyama Choma — As the unofficial national dish of Kenya, this had to make the list. The name means ‘barbecued meat’ in Swahili and typically features goat or beef meat. Pair this roasted perfection with ugali or beer and you’ve got yourself a treat.


  1. Tavë Kosi — This delicious combination of lamb and rice is the national dish of Albania. These ingredients are baked with a mixture of yogurt and eggs which is later added to a roux (flour and butter mixture). Anyone else want this extremely badly?
  2. Fërgesë — Another national dish on the list! There are two versions of this, one is made with pepper and the other liver. Think roasted red peppers, tomatoes, onion, feta, and yogurt cooked to culinary perfection as a creamy side dish to accompany bread or meat. I need it.
  3. Speca me Glizë — This can be made vegetarian or for meat lovers! This dish is comprised of red peppers stuffed with meat (usually beef), onions, herbs, and a dash of tomato sauce. They are eaten both hot and cold, so it’s basically the best dish ever for leftovers.


  1. Meat Pie — Whether you want one big pie or several little ones, this delicious pastry won’t disappoint. This favorite takeaway snack is filled with diced or minced beef mixed with gravy, onion, mushrooms, and cheese.
  2. Barbies — This is such a huge tradition in Australian culture that dates back to the earliest of the white settlement of the continent. Grilling meats is a social pastime, doesn’t matter what kind of meat it is, as long as it’s meat!
  3. Aussie Burger — I hope you’re ready for a challenge. Loaded onto this mouth-watering burger is the following: egg, bacon, onion, pineapple, pickled beets, cheese, tomato, and lettuce. Sometimes you will also get mushrooms and avocado as well!


  1. Wienerschnitzel — What kind of list would this be without this dish? This meals consists of veal that is breaded and fried to perfection and topped with lemon and parsley. It’s served with a variety of sides like sauerkraut, fries, potato salad or boiled potatoes.
  2. Tafelspitz — If you like your meat boiled, this is the meal for you. Veal or beef is boiled in a broth until tender then served with minced apples and horseradish.
  3. Kaiserschmarn — This popular dish can either be a meal or a dessert! It takes its name from the Austrian Emperor who was particularly fond of this yummy concoction. This hunger-inducing meal is made up of pancake pieces topped with rum-soaked raisins, sugar, and preserves.

Papua New Guinea

  1. Mumu — Mumu is actually a way Papua New Guineans cook, but it is so ingrained in their culture, that I had to put it on here. A typical mums is a pit with hot coals with banana leaves placed on top and the food placed on the leaves. Vegetables and plantains are usually placed on the bottom and meats on the top with everything wrapped in a banana leaf to steam the contents inside.
  2. Coconut Kau Kau — Sweet potatoes are baked with coconut cream in this unique dish! Don’t forget the dashes of orange juice and cinnamon! While the country features over 40,000 years of culinary delights, this dish didn’t become popular until the last 500 years, where it quickly became a staple.
  3. Barramundi Cod –This meal is wrapped in and cooked in banana leaves with roasted chestnuts and a variety of fruits. Seafood is a huge staple of this island so it’s no surprise this meal features this fish!

One thought on “Cuisine by Country: Part 7

  1. Fascinating. Well researched. Superb presentation. Wonderful information to refer to when making vacation location plans; as well as menu selections, while there. Very helpful to know the ingredients of what you are considering ordering! And the attached history makes it even more of a uniquely special occasion. MORE countries, please.


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