United Kingdom: A Photo Story

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Jennifer Lee

I was lucky enough to move to England in 2011 for a little over a year to pursue my Master’s degree. To this day, almost no one realizes I didn’t live in London, despite me telling them many times I lived in Leicester and only went to London a handful of times.

Luckily, I have picture proof that the rest of the country deserves a visit as well. I didn’t have a fancy camera, but I loved my year abroad and I hope it shows. Here’s my year in the UK (well, most of it) in a photo story…in no particular order.


From the top: Shakespeare’s Globe, Harry Potter Studios, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben & Parliament, the Thames, Paralympics, and the London Bridge at night.


Stratford Upon Avon







Hadrian’s Wall



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