Show Me the Perks! My Favorite Travel Credit Card

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson


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The past few years we have all been bombarded with so many options for travel credit cards whether it be specific to an airline, hotel or applicable to any option you choose. About five years ago I decided that I was going to research the best travel credit card for me and this is what I’ve been in love with ever since. I knew I was going to be putting purchases on a credit card so I figured why not get something in return that I can spend on something I genuinely love?


Let’s face it, we all want the most bang for our buck. What does this card do you ask? Keep reading.

  1. Two miles per $1 you spend (that’s double what most cards on the market offer).
  2. No foreign transaction fees
  3. 5% miles back after you redeem so, you are never left with zero miles.
  4. You can earn bonus miles (up to 60,000 aka a $600 flight) if you spend a certain amount within a specified period. Don’t worry it’s entirely doable without breaking the bank.
  5. You can redeem your miles for travel credit statements aka you can pay yourself back for all applicable purchases, or you can get cash or even merchandise.
  6. No blackout dates
  7. No airline, seat or hotel restrictions
  8. Free fraud liability protection
  9. You can earn more miles by blogging on their travel community. You earn 150 per blog and can earn 10 more miles for each like/kudos you receive. (I’m OBSESSED with this option. I’ve never heard of another card doing this, and it’s a great way to tell your stories and learn about other peoples’ experiences.)
  10. They have fantastic customer service. I’ve never had a long wait on the line, and they have always been courteous and accommodating.


  1. There is an annual $89 cardholder fee, but you can use your miles to pay this off.
  2. Their interest rates are between 17% to 21% which is high, but if you pay your bills without a problem or can pay the minimum fee of $20 a month this will never be a problem. I’ve never had an issue with this.

That’s it. I honestly can’t think of another problem that I’ve ever encountered.  I can’t recommend this card enough, but always always always do your research and choose a card that best suits your needs and budget.

What are your favorite travel credit cards and why? I’d love to hear from you!

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