2 Books You Should Take On Your Next Vacation

These thrillers will fill in the lulls of your vacation with page-gripping fun.

A Long Weekend in Watkins Glen

A long weekend in New York’s Watkins Glen was such a fun experience. Here are my travel stories, photos, and recommendations for anyone who has ever considered going!

What Vienna Taught Me About Coping with a Disappointing Travel Destination

Emma Browning writes about her disappointing experiences in Vienna and gives advice about how to cope with a disappointing travel destination.

Five of the Coziest Places to Celebrate Christmas

In this article, Emma describes five different locations where you can celebrate Christmas in a low-key and cozy manner.

How Do I Choose!? 15 Tips for Choosing Which Books to Take on Vacation

“A reader lives a thousand times before he dies…the man who never reads lives only one.”–George R. R. Martin I’m one of those people that always brings a book anywhere I go. If I don’t have a book to read at home or in my purse I feel incomplete. I’m also that person who comesContinue reading “How Do I Choose!? 15 Tips for Choosing Which Books to Take on Vacation”

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