9 Ways to Make Your Trips More Memorable

These tips will help keep your trips from blending together and make them much more memorable.

Unusual Libraries That Will Steal Your Heart: Part 1

From a bookmobile designed to look like a tank to a free library on the beach, this post features unusual libraries that are sure to steal your heart and have you booking flights!

A Long Weekend in Watkins Glen

A long weekend in New York’s Watkins Glen was such a fun experience. Here are my travel stories, photos, and recommendations for anyone who has ever considered going!

5 Archaeological Sites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Archaeology is something of a specialty of mine. I’ve traveled the world for it and I am nowhere near done exploring. Here are 5 sites you have probably never even heard of, but definitely need to put on your bucket list.

11 Ways To Spot An American Abroad

God created war so that Americans would learn geography. Mark Twain As an American who has lived abroad and traveled to over 20 different countries, I am acutely aware of other Americans when I travel. We’re known worldwide for our goofy outfits, loud exclamations, and our inability to speak other languages. Luckily, I’m not oneContinue reading “11 Ways To Spot An American Abroad”

Check Your Privilege at the Door: Tips for Traveling Respectfully

Emma Browning talks about leaving privilege out of travel and how to do so. If you check your privilege at the door you can force prejudice out of your travels as much as possible and really experience a new place.

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