9 Wonderfully Strange Exhibits and Museums

Looking for something a little bit different for your next trip? Try any of these museums or exhibits to spice things up!

5 Archaeological Sites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Archaeology is something of a specialty of mine. I’ve traveled the world for it and I am nowhere near done exploring. Here are 5 sites you have probably never even heard of, but definitely need to put on your bucket list.

Where Do I Go Now? 5 Fun Ways To Pick Your Next Travel Destination

“Me: I want to travel more. My bank account: Like…to the park?”–Unknown Some people have life all figured out. They’ve got the time, funds, flexible work schedule and a gigantic planned list of where they are going and when. Then there are the rest of us who realize that every country is on our bucket listContinue reading “Where Do I Go Now? 5 Fun Ways To Pick Your Next Travel Destination”

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