All-Inclusive Resort in Tulum, Mexico: An Honest Review

Vacations mean a change of pace, a gentleness with ourselves, a time of rest and renewal, and a time to stretch ourselves and encounter new people, new lands, new ways, and new options.

Anne Wilson Schaef

By the number of posts about Mexico the past few weeks alone, you’ve probably guessed that I adored my trip to Mexico and my first all-inclusive experience. There were a few things I wish I knew before I visited and lots I learned as we were in the middle of the trip. I wanted to create a guide as well as a review. So, welcome to my review/guide hybrid where I’m going to give you as much info as I can in case you also want to visit Tulum… if you’re on the fence, you ABSOLUTELY have to visit.

Below you’ll find my experiences and my impressions of things. Each resort will be different, but this is 100% an honest review that I’m excited to share with you!


The best airport to fly into to get to Tulum is Cancun. We were flying outside of the super busy season, but this area of Mexico is never really deserted. Several planes landed at once and everyone arrived at customs at approximately the same time. This is was the most stressful and confusing part of the trip. I’d pretty well known that getting through customs in Mexico takes a long time. They recently added new automated lines to help with the congestion, but they were broken when we arrived. If they hadn’t been, customs would’ve most likely been a breeze. But hey, things happen!

Put several hundred people, all confused, in a small room together and things get tight. It’s not obvious, but there are actually 4 separate lines to go through customs. It looks like there’s only one and there wasn’t much order to it. My suggestion is to do the exact opposite of what we did. Once you come into the customs area, turn to your right and head to the farthest line. Just don’t get into the Mexican citizens lines because you’ll have to get back in line and start all over.

Once we got to the desk everything was super fast. We spent about an hour in line waiting to get through. We didn’t have anything to declare so we walked right through and got to skip the other line which was much shorter. We were stopped by airport security to double check that we didn’t in fact have anything to declare. Just an FYI, there will be armed guards and they were very stern. Be polite and honest about what you have and expect that they might search your bags. It will take less than a minute and you’ll be good to go!

Airport Transfer to Hotel

Cancun airport is about a 2-hour drive away from Tulum and we didn’t want to rent a car we wouldn’t use. So, we opted to pay for the resort’s transfer service. It cost $90 per person and that covered both ways. It was completely worth it. Once we got through customs and entered the airport proper, we were guided to someone who could help us find our bus. He was super nice and it was really nice to know we were going to the right spot since there were tons of buses everywhere.

When you exit the airport, you’re going to be faced with a lot of taxi drivers talking loudly to try to get your attention. Know that getting a taxi will be extremely expensive compared to hotel and public transportation. I’ll talk more about this later, but it would’ve cost about triple the price to get to our hotel if we chose to take a taxi.

We found our bus and our names were checked off their list. The bus ride there was somewhat hilarious. We were the only Americans on a bus full of half drunk Canadians. We had a guide on the bus telling us about what to expect and how long the trip would take. He also sold Mexican beer throughout the entire trip. The bus stopped at several resorts on the way once we got into Tulum which added time, but we knew that first day was for travel only anyway. Overall, the bus ride took about 3 hours since our hotel was the last stop. We had zero problems, the bus had a bathroom, and our luggage was safe under the bus. We’d absolutely take the bus again. Just make sure it’s sponsored by your hotel to be on the safe side.

Checking In

This was such a breeze! We walked in and everything was so clearly labeled and posted. We waited in a short line, signed a few regular check in papers, and were given wrist bands. The wrist bands were super helpful in that they were our room keys and gave us easy access to certain amenities that were included in our stay.

Once everything was good to go, we were given a cart ride to our rooms and our luggage was carried up. It was such a smooth process and it really made the start of our trip simple and efficient.

Our Rooms

When people think of all-inclusive trips, they don’t usually think that it’s a budget trip. When we booked our stay the rooms were 40% off and we bought our flights separately. Our all-inclusive included all food and domestic drinks. More on that later. Our room was a simple room with a king bed, desk, TV, sitting area, bathroom, safe, and a balcony. It was perfect for us since we almost never spend much time in hotel rooms.

The whole room was so cozy and it was a great place to sit and read in the morning, especially on the balcony. Inside there was a giant TV with lots of channels. One of my favorite things about the room was that the items in the mini fridge were free and so was the coffee in the room. Most hotels charge an arm and a leg for these items, so we were pleasantly surprised when they told us they were free! They even refilled them every day.

The bathroom was great, but the shower design was weird. They had a glass wall that only spanned halfway across the shower itself and there was a gap between the glass and the tub at the bottom so water went everywhere. We put down towels to keep the bathroom from getting soaked.

An interesting thing was that there was no option to not have your room cleaned each day. We usually put a do not disturb sign on the door since we keep the room clean whenever we travel. It was really nice to come back to a completely cleaned room each day, but I felt bad that the staff had to clean it when it was just an unmade bed and some towels. They did a fantastic job every day though!

Meals, Snacks, and Dining Options

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were included in our all-inclusive package in the main dining area. It was centrally located on the resort, had indoor and outdoor seating, and overlooked the beach. Sitting outside almost every morning with a view of the sun coming up over the beach was the absolute best way to start our day. Ending it there with the sunset couldn’t have been better either.

The buffet was massive. I mean all 4 walls of the serving area were lined with food and there was a square in the middle also serving food. Each night featured a different type of cuisine, but every night had vegetarian, vegan, and Mexican options. Bread of all different types, vegetable dishes, all sorts of meat, pastries, and an entire wall of desserts meant there was something for everyone. Once you were seated with your food you had a server who would get you drinks and take away your used plates.

One of the most hilarious aspects of dinner at the buffet were the coatimundi aka raccoons.

These adorable but mischievous creatures would jump onto deserted tables and steal food.

They were sweet and easily shooed away. I loved them and the entertainment they provided every night.

One of the fun amenities that came with the all-inclusive package was a 24-hour snack bar. It took us a few days to figure out where this was. Turns out it is attached to a beachside fast food place called The Truck. The snack bar was a cooler display at the end and it was so much better than I ever imagined. They have stuffed cucumber appetizers, guac, pudding cups in multiple flavors, and so much more. It was always well stocked and the food was fresh and so good. The truck itself was also great. The portions were very small, but they had an amazing chicken burrito that I kept getting. Servings there were the perfect afternoon snack size. Plus you could easily walk to the beach with your food or sit at one of the tables. They even had an attached bar and beer on tap near the soda machines.

The coffee bar was a feature my boyfriend really liked. It had some small cookies to go with the coffee and a fancy machine where you could pick and choose from a number of coffee or hot chocolate combinations.

At each of the bars and before the entrance to the buffet there were opportunities to try the cocktail of the day. There were usually two different options and came in a small glass so you could easily try both. It was such a fun way to start dinner each night. Speaking of drinking, you could get drinks at the buffet dinners, at the snack bar, and at any of the poolside bars across the resort. They even had beer in our mini fridge in the room. If you want to grab a drink, it is absolutely not hard to find a place serving. There’s even a swim up bar at the largest pool where you can hang out!

Three a la carte dinners were included in our package. What are these fancy sounding dinners, you ask? They are simply dinners at one of the non-buffet restaurants and do skew towards the fancier depending on the restaurant. You have too book through the app or the kiosk in the lobby… it was a struggle. Neither were super user-friendly and you couldn’t pick a date and see which restaurants were available so you had to go to each individual one on a single date and check. We didn’t get our top pick because it was fully booked for the entire week, but we did book three different places.

We made it to two a la carte dinners. Our first one was the Tequila restaurant which was a super fun Mexican restaurant. The views outside were phenomenal but it was so windy that we decided to eat inside. We were seated and got to dive right in to the buffet. This was the only restaurant that had the buffet but there were chefs cooking MTO options as well. We absolutely loved the food there and I would go back in an instant.

The second dinner we missed because Will got sick (not related to the resort at all), but we made it to our third, Mediterranean Restaurant! This one was in the adjacent resort Bahia Principe Coba. We took a cart ride over and were seated right when they opened. We had a full service 5 course meal. We got to choose from several options for each course and every bit of it was DELICIOUS.

Bahia Principe App

I’m happy to report that of the entire experience, the only thing that even remotely annoyed me was the app and website. It was really hard to navigate, especially when it came to booking dinner and excursions. I booked all of my excursions online in advance. The descriptions weren’t always accurate. For example, one section said “Duration: Bring a change of clothes”. A little proofreading and catching major typos like this would make a huge difference when we were trying to plan out our day.

Locations of the snack bar, being able to filter or search for dates more easily, and small things like that would make the experience, especially pre-arrival, much more seamless. The website and app are also SLOW. This is fine, but on top of everything else, this is definitely an area for improvement.

Activities, Entertainment, and Amenities

The resort had activities every single day all throughout the day and evening. They had a board detailing these and the theatre had their schedule posted as well.

There was a teen club with activities of their own as well. There was such a great variety from dance classes to yoga to bingo to beach games. My favorite was the Zumba classes!

At night there was always entertainment by the pool. Whether it was a lone singer or a mariachi band or a movie playing, there were activities for everyone. I can’t wait to go back and try even more of them.

One of the neat amenities were the golf karts driven by employees that would pick you up on the walking paths and take you wherever you wanted to go on the resort. It’s a great way to get between the resorts as well. There was never any wait or fear that would miss one, even during the busiest hours of the day. I like walking everywhere, but when we went to the other resort or needed to get somewhere quickly these were great to use.

The gym was so much better than even my wildest dreams for a hotel. Normally, hotel gyms have a sad treadmill, elliptical, and maybe some free weights and a machine or two. This gym had so much equipment that I walked in and immediately stopped in my tracks. They had machines, platforms for box jumps/step ups, mats, benches, steps, a cable machine, free weights, kettlebells, a squat rack, and even a leg press. Whoever bought the equipment knew what they were doing and it was awesome. It was a little small, but that’s not the part of the resort most people went to and it was never super busy. For me, it was perfect for a vacation gym.

Beaches and Pools

I don’t understand why people make such a huge fuss over the sargassum. It’s a natural part of the ecosystem in that part of Mexico, and there are plenty of pools and areas of the beach without it. Rant over. We came at the end of sargassum season, but there were plenty of people cleaning the beach of this seaweed each day. The water there was somewhat rough and the beach was short, so we spent most of the time on the beach walking, lounging, or playing games. The resort had chairs with umbrellas and tables, so we always had shade and a place to sit. Most people opted for the pools, so the beach always had chairs open when we were there.

The pools were on a whole other level. I’m much more of a beach person than a pool person, but this trip flipped that on its head. There were so many options. We liked to sit near the “party” pool as we called it since they had great music and the events. They also had a bar you could swim up to which was a fun touch. We sat on the quieter side that also had a beach view.

There were always plenty of chairs, so we never had to search. There are also two pools dedicated to kids, so the adult areas were never overrun with kids. On the other side of the resort there was a more secluded pool that was much quieter for anyone wanting a more chill vibe.


This might be the cleanest place I’ve ever been… The rooms, facilities, pools, restaurants, you name it and it was spotless. No trash anywhere, no over flowing trash cans, everything was well stocked in the bathrooms, and we were just blown away. We were walking around and were like what is so different about this resort? OH, it’s the cleanest place on earth. How did we get so lucky? The resort even had people come around and collect trash/used drink cups throughout the day. Beaches were also cleaned daily of not only trash but seaweed/sargassum.

Whoever was on the team for not only housekeeping but the cleanliness of the entire resort were masterful ninjas of cleaning. I have so much respect for them. The next time you’re somewhere and you notice how clean it is, take the time to thank whoever you see doing that job. It’s probably gross and they don’t often get thanked. We made sure to thank everyone whenever our paths crossed.


The staff couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. Check in was seamless and they were able to answer all of our questions. The cleaning staff were ridiculously sweet and helpful. During our meals, the wait staff were so attentive and fun to talk to. They even noticed that I was sitting by myself one night when my boyfriend wasn’t feeling well and sat down for a few minutes to talk to me. It’s things like that that turn a regular stay into one I’ll never forget.

The activities staff were also next level. They encouraged people to come together for events like Zumba or beach horseshoe games. They always asked how we were and greeted us by name every time they saw us. I don’t know what super powers they had, but I can barely remember anyone’s name until I’ve met them at least 3 times.

What is taking me 3 paragraphs to say is: the staff was amazing in every aspect of the resort. I truly appreciate how amazing everyone was and how they made my experience unforgettable.

ATV Jungle Excursion

Our first excursion was the Jungle ATV tour to a cenote and then a tour around the Akumal Animal Sanctuary. Our mini bus picked us up right from in front of the lobby entrance in the morning and we made a few more stops to pick up the last of the participants at the nearby resorts. Then we were on our way to the Akumal Animal Sanctuary! Here we were fitted with helmets and taught how to ride 4 wheelers and given extensive safety instructions.

We set off in a line and I was so impressed with how they organized everyone by speed. If you were slower, you were moved to the back, somewhat fast and you were in the middle, speed demons were in the front. Everyone had an employee leading them, so there was never any fear of getting lost. Our ride was a bumpy and super fun trip right into the jungle. Will drove, so I got to look around more and I could not have been more excited to just enjoy the scenery.

It was a 30ish minute ride to an underground cenote but it was my favorite one we visited. We got about 30 minutes to explore and swim which was great. There was a changing room and they also provided water. On a side note, you can’t wear sunscreen into the cenotes since they are considered sacred spaces and some Mayan communities still drink from them. It’s also to help with preservation of the area and life in the water.

The water itself was COLD, but refreshing. The underground cave was so gorgeous and there were only a few deep places where I couldn’t stand. I loved swimming around and seeing the rock formations and just enjoying the magical moment of swimming underground in a cave in Mexico in the middle of a jungle.

Once everyone had finished swimming we hopped back on our 4 wheelers and drove back to the animal sanctuary. We didn’t know you could choose to go inside the monkey cage and hold monkeys when we booked everything, but that was an option! Instead, we toured the sanctuary and learned about the different kinds of animals they had from monkeys to snakes to macaws and flamingos. The animals themselves couldn’t survive in the wild, so the team took them in. We got to hold snakes and the macaws which was super cool. Once we finished our tour, part of the group went into the monkey cages and we were taken back to our resort!

Overall, it was an incredibly fun half day excursion. I loved every second of this and it really added some adventure to the beginning of our trip. Plus we had the rest of the day to hang out at the resort and relax. Highly recommend this one!

Chichen Itza Excursion

You know those places that get built up so much throughout your life that you just HAVE to go see them? Chichen Itza was one of those places for me. It’s such an amazing place that I was worried we wouldn’t be able to get tickets, but we booked in advance and got our pick of the days we could take the excursion.

Our tour bus picked us up at 7:30AM and the entire bus was filled. This is not a small tour or a quick one. From Tulum, Chichen Itza is about 3 hours away. We sat down and were on our way…to a bus depot. This was the only part that wasn’t really efficient. We had to wait in line for about 45 minutes and wait for people on the tour who were late. It would’ve been much easier if we didn’t have to stop at the depot. After that, we were fully on the road!

We had the absolute best tour guide. She started our trip with a background in Mayan history and culture. She explained everything so well and we learned a TON before we even got halfway there. It wasn’t overwhelming. It was just so interesting and really made our trip that much better, especially when we got to the site. Our first stop was a quick 20 minute break in Valladolid for our legs about 1.5 hours into the trip. It wasn’t much time at all to see anything which was a bummer, but I would’ve rather just gotten to the temple zone sooner.

Our second stop was for lunch and a trip to the cenote. This cenote was fully open to the elements and was massive. We decided to skip it since we didn’t want to get wet for the bus ride or walking around the archaeological site, but we did walk around and see it. Lots of people were enjoying it, so it was definitely fun looking! Lunch was advertised as a traditional Mayan meal. It was very much catered to tourists with a Mexican spin and they had a couple of Mayan traditional items. Was it the best meal we had? No, but it wasn’t bad. It was a buffet, so there was no chance we were leaving there hungry. Full disclosure, you could not bring your own water bottles inside. All drinks had to be bought at the restaurant. Overall, it was a very touristy stop, but it was the tour most tourists take, so we enjoyed it as much as we could.

The buses rely on everyone getting back at the designated time to ensure we weren’t late. Luckily, we didn’t have any stragglers, so we always left on time. Just something to be aware of if you go!

Next stop? The infamous site itself!By this point, we had learned so much about Mayan culture and history that our guide was able to give us a massively in-depth tour of the site without having to waste time explaining the basics. Her tour was so unlike the other tours we overheard near us. I feel like we got an extra incredible experience because of her instead of a fluff tour.

When we got to the site we were given our tickets and lined up to enter the archaeological zone. It was a nice walk past vendors and through a small part of the jungle. Then BAM the Chichen Itza temple is the first thing you see as you emerge from the jungle and it’s nothing short of magical. Our guide was amazing and structured the tour so we could take a few minutes to get pictures in front of the iconic monument and then described more of its history. If you’re going to this site, be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen. The jungle is cut back throughout a lot of the site, so prepare to be hot.

We made our way across the field and saw several smaller monuments, an example of the paint all of the monuments used to have, and then had a longer stop at the ball court. Most scholars believe this massive court was ceremonial due to its size, straight walls, and the height of the hoops. It’s about 10x the size of the regular ball courts we saw in other places. Even if it was ceremonial is was IMPRESSIVE.

From there our guided tour was over but we were given about 30 minutes to explore wherever we wanted. Now, the site is big enough that we could’ve spent all day there casually walking around. There were several cenotes on several sides of the site that we didn’t get to see because of time. We prioritized the monuments. Our first stop was the Temple of the Warriors which is also attached to the thousand columns part of the site. There’s even evidence on the columns of female warriors, proving they did fight!

Honestly, it was just so relaxing to get away from the crowds which thinned out the further we ventured into the less excavated areas. I loved seeing the ruins amidst the jungle just peeking out. We had so much fun exploring and looking at the carvings. I so wish we had more time to explore the site. I would’ve liked less time at the cenote if it meant more time to explore Chichen Itza.

The drive back we didn’t make any stops except at resorts to drop everyone off. We got back around 7or 8pm, so it was a very long day. I highly recommend bringing snacks and having something to do while on the bus. Was the super long day spent mostly on a bus worth it? Also-freaking-lutely. Don’t miss these ruins because you won’t see anything like them again.

Coba Excursion

You’ve probably never heard of Coba, but you absolutely need to. It’s just as impressive as Chichen Itza and is even larger. It’s just a much different vibe and one we could not have adored more. The excursion itself was a little longer than a half day and much closer to Tulum. We were picked up in a small van and taken right towards the ruins. Our tour guide wasn’t anywhere near as thorough as our previous guide, but since we learned so much the previous day, we were totally fine with that. However, if this was the first excursion you booked, be sure to ask plenty of questions to get the most out of your experience. Each tour guide will be different, so you never know!

Our tour guide gave us some great background on the site during the bus ride, but we mostly just enjoyed the ride. Coba was MUCH less crowded because it’s not as well known which is a huge shame because it’s just as impressive. The tour began with a walk into the site with a stop at the ball court. This was much smaller than the ceremonial one and was actually used actively during Mayan times. It was really cool to walk through and imagine players actually playing the sport. There was also an example of the carved glyphs found at the site which was so cool to see.

We had the option to stick with the group or go off on our own as long as we made it to the bus at a certain time. Since we had learned so much at Chichen Itza and we wanted to see a lot more of the site, we set off on our own. The massive temple at the site was the main attraction at Coba and for good reason. The temple itself had 124 steps and measured over 130 feet tall. Before covid you could climb to the top, but while I wish I could see the view of the top of the temple peeking out over the jungle, I’m also glad they’re preserving the site more by prohibiting people from touching it.

This temple was IMPRESSIVE. It was just so massive that we stood there and stared at it for a while. We got some great pictures and then kept on exploring. There were a lot more carings at this site which made it so much fun to explore and suddenly come upon a giant stone structure or carving they had set up within a wooden covering to help preserve it.

The rest of our time there we just decided to wander and see as much of the site as was humanly possible. The temple was the furthest point away from the meet up point, so we made our way back and down paths we hadn’t taken yet. Let me tell you, walking around the Mexican jungle with almost no one else around was magical. We saw so many ruins ranging from the ceremonial to the every day. All of it just erupting from the jungle. Only a small portion has been excavated and this site was over 12x the size of Chichen Itza. Coba is about 50 square miles in size while Chichen Itza is just 4 square miles.

After exploring several miles of the site, we started making our way back to the entrance where our van was waiting. At the entrance, we noticed another giant temple that our guide breezed by. I wish we had had more time there, but sadly we just got a quick picture. If you go, don’t miss this temple! It’s a really impressive way to start your day at the archaeological site. We made it back to the van with 5 minutes to spare (phew!) and I wish we had had more time there. However, our day was just getting started.

After a short drive, we were taken to the second part of our excursion at the adventure park on the way back to our resort. We were in for such a fun adventure, but first we had a safety briefing, were fitted for equipment, and then taken towards our lunch area. The excursion said we would get a traditional Mayan meal and this was the only excursion to actually do that. We were given hibiscus water that was freshly made, soup, and a few other traditional staples. All of it was incredible and made right there. It was so freaking delicious and I wish I could eat all of that every day.

Another cool thing about this excursion was the Mayan ceremony/blessing. We had the option of meeting the Mayan shaman in the cenote. He performed a brief ceremony to gift us safety throughout the rest of our day. I loved glimpsing into the past for the 10 minutes we were in that cave with an actual shaman chanting in an ancient language. I’m not religious by any means, but the experience was one I won’t forget.

Full bellies, blessed, and fitted with gear, all of this meant we were 100% ready for the next adventure. We walked a little ways and found out we got to rappel from a tower right into the cenote. Will and I got to go at the same time and IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL. We swam around for a little bit, got our picture taken, and waited for the rest of the group. I was buzzing I was so happy. We walked around to our next location, but this time we weren’t rappelling. We were zip lining… on the highest and longest zip line I’ve ever seen. It took some climbing and walking up a ropes course to get to the first platform which was the shortest zip line of the day. We went one at a time and zoomed down to the other side. If you’ve ever thought hey, zip lining through a jungle sounds amazing, I can confirm it’s better than what you imagined.

The second zip line was the highest at almost 150 feet and was over 1/2 mile long and the last one was just a little bit smaller. My face hurt from smiling so much after both of those. I don’t know how I got so lucky but adventuring in a jungle became my real life not just a travel fantasy. This excursion also had a photographer follow everyone around, so we got to see pictures of us throughout the adventures which was a really nice touch. At the end you could choose to buy them before being transported back to the resort. We chose to get them because it was such a unique experience for us. Can’t recommend this tour enough. It was probably our favorite of all of them for the variety and length of the day. Plus, it was super close to the resort which made it less tiring since we could relax the rest of the day.

Tulum Centro

Even though we booked an all-inclusive resort, my travel-loving heart wanted to see Tulum itself. I just can’t visit somewhere new and not try to experience as much as humanly possible. Tulum Centro or Tulum Pueblo (called both depending on who you ask) is a strip of shops, restaurants, boutique hotels, and businesses spanning about a mile. It was 15 minutes from our resort and while you could get a taxi and pay about $30-50 round trip, we chose to take the local option, a collectivo.

A collectivo is basically a van that packs a ton of people in for a super inexpensive cost. We paid $6 round trip total for both of us for an easy ride with lots of locals. All we had to do was walk to the end of the resort entrance and wait at the pickup spot. This is on the side of the highway and there are not really any signs, but the hotel employees were super helpful and showed us where to go.

From everything I researched, bloggers made it seem like Tulum Centro was this strip packed with obvious things to do and for lack of a better phrase “Instagramable” places. I absolutely loved that it wasn’t crowded and that it was just a normal town. I’m sure during peak season it’s much busier, but we got to walk around with locals and see everyday life in Tulum and that was so cool. The strip itself has a lot of shopping especially for Tequila, woven baskets, and restaurants. A lot of the restaurants were geared towards tourists, but they all looked great and had local cuisine options.

We spent a few hours at a local bar/restaurant called Charlie’s and got ice cream while we walked around. A lot of the stores were closed, but there were also tons of places that were open and could explore stalls on the street. What I really wish we had was a guide or list of really cool places to see. The famous art installation in Raw Love Tulum wasn’t out in the open like we thought, but we would’ve had to eat at the restaurant to even see it and we weren’t feeling vegan food that day. There was also a lot of really cool graffiti and murals, but we didn’t know where to go to find them. We ended up just wandering around and exploring several streets to see as much as possible. I’d really like to go back but have more of an idea where things to see are located and how to best see them.

Checking Out

Checking out was just as easy as checking in. We walked up to the desk, made sure our payments were in order, and were ready to go. If we had needed it, our bags would’ve been taken to the lobby for us, but we only had carry on luggage. All we had to do was walk outside and wait for our bus.

Whenever a big group of people leaves at once, the activities and entertainment team comes out and does a goodbye dance. It’s a super fun and unique way to send off a group. We got to watch one happen since we were the only two leaving in our time slot, but it was such a good idea for the hotel to do and it’s definitely a memorable way to end a great stay.

Airport Transport to Airport

When you book your airport transfer you have to put in your airline information. This way, the hotel and the transfer service coordinate and have a set time slot for pickup. The pickup times are posted the afternoon the day before your departure in the lobby. They coordinate the times themselves to account for traffic and make sure they get you there in time.

Our flight time moved back several hours and we tried to get a later pickup time, but weren’t able to make a change. Our van arrived 25 minutes late so that made us a little nervous that they forgot us, but we knew we had a lot of time to spare. It arrived and we got to the airport in record time… 6 hours early. The experience going through the Cancun airport was much faster and security was super quick. Luckily, there were tons of shops and places to eat in the airport so we could kill some time before our evening flight.

This was hands down the best trip of my life not to mention the best couple’s trip we’ve ever taken. I’ve never had a vacation in such a beautiful place that was also equal parts relaxing and adventurous. This trip ticked off every single box for me and we’re still talking about it almost 4 months since we got back. Tulum is one of the few places I want to go back to over and over again. You can bet in the next few years Will and I will absolutely be coming back. To anyone reading this, get yourself to Mexico, especially Tulum at the Bahia Principe Resort!


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