2023 Travel Bucket List

The very words “bucket list” can stir up some pretty heavy-duty fears. It can be a reminder of our own mortality, and death is typically something we would rather not think about. But, the reminder that our time is limited is actually one of the best gifts we can be given. It is one that can guide us to achieve what is most important to us before it is too late.

Annette White

Yes, it’s taken me this long to finally wrap my head around what I really want to focus on for my travel goals this year. Totally fine with that! We were so grateful for how much we got to travel last year and I’m hoping we get just as lucky this year. I’ve set some big and small goals, so we’ll see where I end up at the end of the year. Either way, exciting things are in the works for the year and it’ll be a ton of fun to share them here.

Here’s to a great year of traveling, travel-related activities, and talking about all things exploration with you guys!

Visit a New State

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’ve explored more countries than I have states… So far, I’ve been to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Delaware, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, California, and Alaska. I’ve done pretty well as far as exploring goes, but I want to make it a point to visit a new state this year.

I’ve got my eye on Burlington, Vermont for late summer/fall. We’ll see if I can add more than one in this year! If I can convince Will to take another road trip, we’ll be heading to Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Take a Trip with the Dogs

This is probably the easiest goal for me on here. We’ve already talked about it and without a doubt this is happening. Vermont and/or Massachusetts will be mini road trips with the pups. There are also a few local places we were thinking about exploring with them once it gets warmer. I love that there are SO many dog friendly day trips and travel options up here. It makes a huge difference when we travel knowing we get to share the experiences with them versus leaving them at home.

We’ve also started a dog bucket list of things we want to be able to let our dogs experience, especially as they get older. Given the choice, I will always bring my dogs on trips. Internationally, that’s not possible, but no matter what we always make at least one trip each year with our fur babes.

Go Somewhere New in Pennsylvania

Will and I both lived most of our lives in Virginia and didn’t do a ton of exploring in the state. We moved to PA 6 years ago and decided to keep exploring no matter what. While a long road trip to somewhere like Pittsburgh might not be in the cards this year, there are still plenty of nearby places we haven’t full explored or even stepped foot in. Philly, Intercourse (haha), Harrisburg, and Mechanicsburg are all on my list. Hopefully, one of those will be adventured through this year!

Add 3 Countries to My Book By an Author From Every Country List

I’m absolutely loving this challenge I set myself. I’ve got a little over 30 countries down and SO many more to go. That just means more books to read, so that’s a good thing. This year I want to read more books by authors from South America, Africa, and Asia. I’m off to a super diverse start so far and it’s been so fun and enriching to read books written for people outside my own culture. In part, I travel to learn more, expand my worldview, and experience other cultures. Travel produces growth, at least for me, and I want my reading to reflect that.

Travel Internationally

SURPRISE! We’re right in the middle of planning a trip to visit family in France. Dates aren’t nailed down yet and nothing is booked, BUT it’s happening. We’ll be visiting Issigeac which is a tiny Medieval town about 2 hours south of Bordeaux. We’re also planning on visiting Bilbao, Spain while we’re there as well for a day or two. It’ll be amazing to not only see a new part of a country I genuinely love visiting, but seeing family we haven’t seen in years.

Practice a Language Every Day on Duolingo

When I went to Peru a few years ago, I downloaded Duolingo to help me learn Spanish. I can honestly say it’s the best language learning app or just language learning avenue I’ve ever had a chance to try. I start my mornings every day with a few minutes practicing and learning new words/phrases. Right now, I have a 390 day streak for Spanish and I’m not about to break that. My hope is by the end of the year my Spanish will be at least 50% better than it is today.

Take the Lancaster City Walking History Tour

I’ve lived in Lancaster for 6 years and every year I’ve said I’m going to take this tour… Whoops, hasn’t happened. Partially, I’m writing this here as an extra layer of accountability. I want to learn more about this amazing city I call home. We’ve walked the dogs in almost every street here, so I want to learn more about what I’m seeing to better appreciate everything.

Try 3 New Activities

This isn’t necessarily 1000% travel-related, but travel is about trying new experiences. Pottery making is my first activity that we’ve got planned for 2 weeks from now. Other than that, I don’t have any ideas yet. It’ll be fun researching new activities to potentially try and if they take me to a nearby town, then that’s even better!

Plan a Small Group Trip with Friends

I say this all of the time, but I am seriously lucky to have the friend group I have here. These are my people and they make living here one million times better. We’ve traveled with most of them before and it’s always a blast. I’d love to have a weekend trip or a girls trip with them this year if we can coordinate schedules.

Do You Have Travel Goals for the Year?

I would love to hear about them and cheer you on!


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