No Ordinary Buns Here: Ultimate Destinations For Burger Lovers

Life is like a burger, the more ingredients you add to it the tastier it becomes


It’s summer time and that means grilling season is upon us. If you’re not a grill master that means you’re probably in search of the perfect burger. Not just an average burger, but the juicy, melt in your mouth, topped with everything under the sun, all-around above-average burger.

These burgers all have buns that aren’t your typical bread. You will need to worry about your blood pressure and heart health after eating these, but OH MY GOODNESS these burgers might be worth it.

Traveling for the new food experiences is my love language, so I wanted to create a fun summer post with a twist. Loosen your belts and put on your stretchy pants and prepare to chow down on a feast for your eyes. Then, plan a trip to eat one of the monstrosities… I mean… delicious additions to the burger world in person!

Mac N’ Stack Burger

Location: Portland, ME

Take Me to Your Burger: Nosh Kitchen Bar

Delicious Details: Mac n’ cheese lovers this one is for you. Forget buns, this monster of a burger has fried Mac n’ cheese patties instead. After all, it’s called a cheeseburger so the creators promoted this side dish to the starring roll of burger bun. Nosh also has a few other non-traditional bun burgers like the pizza burger, so go when you’re feeling super hungry because they all look amazing.

Luckily Maine has tons of gorgeous places to hike. Fuel up with this burger and walk it off by exploring the town and trails nearby.

Spaghetti Burger

Location: Orlando, FL

Take Me to Your Burger: The Sand Bar

Delicious Details: This burger joint is part of the Walt Disney World restaurant family, so you know there’s a lot of creativity happening here. I’m not sure fried spaghetti buns is something that should exist, but I love seeing the pictures and it’s definitely a unique burger to try!

Dirty Harry Donut Burger

Location: Steamboat Springs, CO

Take Me to Your Burger: Back Door Grill

Delicious Details: Can’t choose between eating your sweet or savory first? What about eating both at the same time? Now, you can. Meet the Dirty Harry Donut Burger where the buns are powdered and glazed donuts, the burger is massive, and the toppings aren’t what you’d expect. This infamous burger is topped with peanut butter, hash browns, fried eggs, and bacon. Veggies are afraid of this burger. Your arteries are too, but I’m not going to lie, this looks incredible.

If you’re in Colorado on an adventure, chances are you’ll burn off this burger in no time. Between the skiing and hiking alone you’re going to need it to fuel you. It’s all about balance, right?

Triple Coronary Bypass Burger (No I’m not kidding with this name)

Location: Atlanta, GA

Take Me to Your Burger: The Vortex

Delicious Details: This restaurant has not one, but 4 different coronary bypass burgers ranging in height from a single to a quadruple. This sandwich of epic proportions has grilled cheese sandwiches FOR BUNS. The double, tripe, and quadruple layer more grilled cheeses in between burger patties. This, my friends, is the ultimate of ultimate sandwiches.

Atlanta is a town known for its food, so to stand out you know you have to do something special. This absolutely takes the cake. Don’t miss out on the amazing cultural and historical things to do there because of a food coma, but don’t miss that sandwich either.

Pineapple Bun Burger

Location: Mostly in your kitchen

Take Me to Your Burger: These burgers are very hard to find in the wild.

Delicious Details: I’m upset to learn that McDonalds was where the pineapple bun burger made its debut after its creator Ray Kroc made a deal with the company. However, they haven’t taken the burger world by storm. It’s relatively difficult to find a restaurant that features these sweet and savory burgers, but there’s good news. They are fantastically easy to make at home.

Maybe you want to offer something unique at your next bbq or you just want to eat an incredible number of burgers with half the guilt. Pineapple bun burgers are the only one on this list that might actually help your health. Plus they look delicious and thirst-quenching at the same time.

Honorable Mentions No Longer In Business:

Pizza Bun Burger

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Take Me to Your Burger: Meatzilla

Delicious Details: Hear me out. Turn a regular burger bun into a pizza with cheese and pepperoni. Then, add a burger and toppings. It might seem like these two classic favorites don’t go well together, but we’re living in an age of food glory where anything is possible. Even pizza buns. You know meat, cheese, and bread are crucial ingredients of both pizza and burgers, so it’s only natural to try this innovative burger. Right!?

Unfortunately, due to covid-19 the restaurant decided to close their doors on their original restaurant. They’re currently regrouping to see what their next move is. Fingers crossed they make it back to business so you can try the original pizza burger. For now, why not make your own!?

Ramen Burger

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Take Me to Your Burger: Former restaurant Tatsu Ramen.

Delicious Details: The original ramen burger was created by Keizo Shimamoto and was a special feature on the menu at Taste Ramen. Due to the pandemic, the restaurant no longer exists, but the founder may still make a culinary comeback. Ramen burger buns may still be in your future!

Each bun features a shaped, fried ramen bun with a variety of toppings. I can only imagine how delicious freshly made ramen which is then fried and placed on something as delicious as a burger (in this case a wagyu burger) would taste. The chef created a website called Go Ramen and it seems like he has a new restaurant in California. The menu doesn’t feature the burger, but hopefully it will make a comeback soon so the world can once again taste the original.

Which Burger Would You Try and Is There One You Wouldn’t?

Honestly, I’d give all of these a shot. I wouldn’t eat an entire burger because, you know, health, but I’d absolutely split each one of these with a few friends so we could taste the glorious uniqueness of them. I have to admit that I am one of the few humans on earth who really doesn’t like pineapple, but I’m willing to try even that burger!

Let me know which burgers you’d love to try or would avoid in the comments below!

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