Romantic Mini Vacations Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Love is the food of life. Travel is the dessert.


Last week’s post was for all of my single people. This week is for the couples. Thinking of fun date night ideas always makes me happy, so I wanted to share a few of my ideas. Whether you want a last-minute idea for Valentine’s Day or you just want to add a bit of travel into your date nights, these options are for you.

Dinner in a Nearby Town

If you’re like me, you’ve been gradually eating your way around town trying as many different local restaurants as possible. You’ve got favorites and love them all. You rarely venture away from them. Now’s your chance.

Choose a town nearby that’s just far enough away to feel like an exciting road trip, but close enough for when you eat so much you get the food sleepiness you can still make the drive home. Better yet, choose a type of food you’ve never tried! You’ll get a literal taste of travel with a new cuisine and actual travel by venturing out of your regular stomping grounds.


Don’t want to stray too far from home? Find an amazing AirBnb or bed, hotel, or bed & breakfast in your town! You’ll be close to home and you can experience the perks of travel. Try to find a place that is in a part of town you haven’t explored too much. That way you’ll get to see a new part of your town and make you staycation feel more like a break from the normal.

Make it extra sweet by visiting your local bakery and treating yourselves to Valentine’s Day treats to share while you’re away from home.

Couples Spa Day

Very few things say I love you like a spa day. If you’ve noticed stress is taking over, your partner is always stiff, everyone is tired, and life feels like chaos, why not travel on over to a spa for some R&R together? It’s hard to be stressed when you’ve gotten a massage, pedicure, facial, and have been all-around pampered.

This is also a great way to spice up a staycation. Pamper the mess out of each other with a spa day, then get takeout from your favorite restaurant and watch a great movie in bed! Honestly, that sounds like heaven.

Weekend Cabin Getaway

Tired of the hustle and bustle of wherever you’re living? Take your partner on a trip into nature with a cozy cabin getaway. You don’t have to rough it, although if that’s your thing then go for it. Find an amazing cabin near you that is the epitome of a relaxing weekend. Think large fireplace, incredible views, nearby trails, comfy couches, and maybe even a hot tub!

To make it more Valentine’s Day focused, bring your favorite self care items like face masks or a massage gun. You can also stock up on sweet treats or bring ingredients for your favorite meals to make together.

‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ for Each Other

Maybe you love adventure and that’s how you really bond as a couple. Take the weekend to surprise each other with an adventure. Have your partner plan one day centered around an adventure for you and then return the favor by planning an adventure day for them.

This is my favorite option on this list. It shows you’ve been listening and are really trying to make the day special for your significant other. Plus you can have the entire weekend to look forward to instead of just one day to celebrate each other.

Cook a Travel-Themed Dinner

This doesn’t involve physically traveling, but it does involve a travel fiesta for your taste buds. If you’re still being super careful about travel or you just don’t feel like leaving the house, or your budget says nope, not right now you can still experience a taste of the world outside your doors.

Cooking together is such a fun experience and can really add something special to Valentine’s Day. My suggestion would be to choose a different type of cuisine or a different country of origin for an appetizer, main course, and a dessert. You’ll travel to several places by taste alone and that can be just as amazing as the real thing.

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