Hiking Eagle Rock and Horse Shoe Trail Loop: A Photo Story

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.

Andy Rooney

Anyone else seriously consider becoming a hermit during the winter? I could honestly live under a pile of warm blankets and only emerge for my workouts and food. However, life doesn’t allow that to happen, so this weekend we chose to add a little bit of adventure to our lives.

The weather’s been in the single digits all week at night and barely getting over 25 degrees during the day, so when our friends asked us to go hiking on a day that the temperatures were over 35 we couldn’t say no. We emerged from our blanket cocoons (partially kidding) and drove 30 minutes towards Lititz, PA for an amazing hike with friends.

Eagle Rock and Horse Shoe Trail Loop is a 3.1 mile hike that loops back on itself, but it’s really poorly marked, so don’t forget to bring a map or download the trail on AllTrails. We didn’t do the loop, but we did get 3 miles in exploring mostly the Eagle Rock trail. It even started snowing when we were halfway through and that made the hike even better.


The trailhead was well marked and we didn’t have trouble finding parking. Our pups were so excited to get going they practically dragged us. FYI the trail does cross hunting grounds, so make sure you and your dogs have something colorful on and keep your dogs on a leash just in case. We were surprised the trail was so icy, but it did add another element of adventure, especially for the dogs who loved it.

Doggos Having Fun

Atlas might have dragged me up and down hills, but seeing him get the roomies and play in the snow was so worth it. We had a ton of fun with some of our best friends and they happen to be Atlas’s best friend’s parents so it was a fantastic day for everyone. Mickey also got to wear his tactical harness so he could be airlifted over wet areas if needed.

Snowy Views

This trail was such a surprise. We loved the hike and the gorgeous creek we walked along. However, we live in the city and all of the snow and ice is mostly gone near us. It was like walking back into winter and it was so refreshing to hike in the snow as a break from regular walks.

While Kelly’s Run will probably always be our favorite hike, today was so much fun. We caught up with friends, got a great walk in, explored a new trail, and enjoyed being back outside with the dogs! I hope everyone’s weekend was just as great. I had my mini travels, but let me know about yours in the comments below.


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