10 of the Most Colorful Places in the USA

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Anna Quindlen

Fall foliage always dominates fall travel blog posts, but I wanted to do something a little bit different. Yes, I wrote about the amazing fall colors and where to find them last year. Check it out! This year, I’m not limiting myself to colorful leaves. This post isn’t just a splash of color; it’s an explosion of vibrant colors and where to find them.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Oregon

You’ll have to wait until March-May to visit, but the fields on fields of blooming tulips in every color make this an amazing destination for a burst of color. The farm is one of the largest in the country for tulips and boasts over a dozen different varieties. The flowers are planted close together so you get witness a sea of multiple colors once they bloom. There’s even an annual tulip festival you can plan your trip around the get the most out of your visit.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

Stretching the length of a football field and extending over 10 stories into the earth, this hot spring is not only massive, but a beautiful pop of color in Yellowstone National Park.The deep blue of the center is ringed by green, yellow, orange, and red rings, making it one of the most colorful hot springs on the planet. Thank the heat-loving bacteria that live in the hot spring for the bright colors.

Fall Foliage in Vermont

Vermont might be the world’s leading destination for fall colors. Three-quarters of the state is covered in forest which means you can go almost anywhere in its borders and be wowed by the changing colors of the leaves. Take a hike or a scenic drive to get the most out of your trip. While the town of Stowe is the most popular with tourists, there are plenty of nearby destinations that are just as beautiful.

South Beach, Miami, Florida

Cruise Ocean Drive to see the infamous art deco pastel-colored buildings with their neon lights, bright green grass and trees. Or visit South Beach to see the lifeguard stands that are a fun pop of color and definitely not your normal, boring stands. Miami is a vibrant city and nearly everywhere is bursting with color. While you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for color in this city, South Beach and Ocean Drive are the most impressive.

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Quarter is known for its multicolored homes, vibrant window boxes with bright flowers, and, of course, Mardi Gras beads. Wander all along Bourbon Street during the day to see the houses painted in lots of colors and explore at night to see them lit up and even more colorful. Come during the infamous Mardi Gras celebrations and you’ll see the entire city laden with colorful bead necklaces on every surface of the town.

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Maybe you’re looking for something simpler? Not a blast of every color imaginable? How about a mind-boggling array of shades of blue and white? Stretching from the Juneau Icefield to Mendenhall Lake, the Mendenhall glacier span over 13 miles. You can venture into caves or simply view with the striking backdrop of mountains. Either way, you’ll probably never see so many shades of blue or white from a natural source anywhere else.

Willow City Loop, Texas

Bluebonnets are not only the state flower of Texas, but they are iconic during any spring visit to the state. The best place to see them? Willow City Loop. Take the scenic drive and you’ll see acres of these bright purplish-blue flowers. The color doesn’t stop there. Along the with creeks and tress dotting the 13-mile loop, you’ll see red, white, blue, purple, and pink flowers in the fields. The blooming of these flowers are so popular to see that there’s even a hotline you can call to find out when they will be in peak color.

Cranberry Bogs, Massachusetts

Did you know that Massachusetts is known for their cranberries? Did you know they also grow on vines in bogs formed by glacial deposits? I didn’t either. Take a tour or simply drive by. During the harvest season these bogs turn bright red as the cranberries become ripe, making for a beautiful and unique view. You’ll also get to see the fall colors of the trees in the background for a double whammy of color.

The Palouse of Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington

When you think of the gentling rolling hills and pastoral land in Washington state, you probably don’t think it’s one of the state’s seven wonders. Think again. Hike up to Steptoe Butte at many times of the year and you’ll see a landscape of colorful patches for miles. From lush green to brown depending on the time of year and the stage of wheat growth, these hills look like an ocean. The lighting and shadows also play a part by subtly changing the colors on the hills. It’s super unique and turns wheat from a culinary heavy hitter into a colorful rockstar.

Painted Desert, Arizona

Antelope Canyon usually dominates all talk of scenic Arizona, and holy smokes the bright red and oranges are to die for. However, this destination is less well-known and even more colorful. The desert encompasses over 950,000 acres and stretches from Grand Canyon National Park to Petrified National Forest. The desert looks like a paint brushed against it with hues of orange, white, red, pink, and lavender. Add in the epic Arizona sunset and you’ve got one hell of a colorful landscape view.


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