10 of the World’s Most Epic Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks

And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want, on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.

Randy Komisar

I’ve gotten the chance to reconnect with a few friends lately that I’ve known for most of my life, but we lost touch for a variety of reasons. I was figuring out what I wanted to write about and this is partially inspired by one of those friends who was (and is) a beast at figure skating.

Plus, it’s cold as hell and if I’m going outside when it’s wet, cold, and windy I want there to be a fun reason. I thought hmmm… maybe there are some epic ice skating places around the world. Then, I wanted it to be more unique. So, without further ado, I give you (some) of the most epic outdoor ice skating rinks around the world.

Rideau Canal Skateway

Photo from daily hive.com

Location: Ottowa, Canada

Epic Details: Have you ever wanted to skate through an UNESCO World Heritage Site? Each winter, the water freezes over in the Rideau Canal allowing residents and tourists to skate to their heart’s content. At 4.8 miles long, it’s also the world’s largest ice skating rink. You can power through while enjoying the sites of the downtown area or take it easy with the multiple rest stations and snack & beverage stops.

Somerset House Ice Rink

Photo from the Londonist

Location: Somerset, UK

Epic Details: Break out your romantic side for this gorgeous rink, because it couldn’t get any more picturesque. With a backdrop of this historical beauty you can skate all day with a view of the Thames. Expect Christmas decor and a massive tree as well as your favorite winter drinks, especially mulled wine. If you’re like me and look like a wobbly giraffe on skates, there’s also a skating school to help you improve your skills.

Curry Village Skating Rink

Photo from SierraStar.com

Location: Yosemite National Park

Epic Details: Yosemite should be on your bucket list regardless of your feelings towards ice skating. Ice skating in the wilderness doesn’t get much better than here with views of the Half Dome and Glacier Point peaks. You’ll be part of a decades-old tradition that emerged in 1928 after locals decided to ice over a parking lot for their own skating adventure.

Hotel de Ville Ice Adventures

vue semi-aérienne

Location: Paris, France

Epic Details: Just when you thought Paris couldn’t pack anymore fun things into their city, they do this. Spend your evening ice skating in front of the illuminated City Hall. If that’s not enough, why not go tubing as well? In true Parisian tourist season style, this does get crowded. If you’re willing to wait or get there early you can experience some truly beautiful skating adventures.

Eiffel Tower Ice Rink

Location: Paris, France

Epic Details: Once you view Paris from above, view the tower from below and ice skate at one of the most iconic structures on the planet. Your admission is free if you purchase a ticket up the tower. You can also enjoy hot chocolate, beer, snacks, and more at the outdoor bar to make your trip even more delightful.

Tower of London

Photo from dailymail

Location: London, England

Epic Details: The Tower of London is an incredible sight to see no matter the season, but winter provides a one-of-a-kind experience. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always loved castles with moats. Now, you can ice skate on one of the world’s most infamous moats. Yes, it gets busy quickly, but why would you pass this up?

Hotel del Coronado

Photo from San Diego Tourism

Location: San Diego, California

Epic Details: Ever want to skate by the Pacific Ocean with palm tress in the background? Wait, this is real life? YES. The famous Hotel del Coronado breaks out the ice skating rink when temperatures drop to a frigid 65 degrees. You’ll be able to skate right next to the sandy beach and you won’t even need a jacket. Try to get there a little before sunset to get amazing views of the sun going down across the beach.

Lake Jura

Photo from matadornetwork.com

Location: Switzerland

Epic Details: If you’re looking for something less man made, Lake Jura needs to be on your list. Nestled right on the French and Swiss border, Lake Jura offers some of the best ice skating in Europe. With views of the mountains surrounding you and the lake stretching off into the distance, you can skate for hours without even noticing. If you get tired of one lake, why not pop over to any of the other nearby lakes?

Lake Corinthia

Photo from Weissensee.com

Location: Austria

Epic Details: While you can absolutely skate on this frozen lake, the best reason to visit might be to watch other skaters, professionals that is. The ice get so thick that teams of skaters can cruise around and cars can even drive on the ice behind them. The lake also gets segmented into areas for curling, ice golf, and cross-country skiing, so there’s something new and fun for everyone to try.

Medeu Stadium

Photo from welovealmaty.com

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Epic Details: The world’s highest (altitude) ice skating rink is located in Eastern Europe and cannot be missed. Located in the outskirts of the city’s capitol, the stadium was originally used for competitive skating. Today there are no competitions held here, but it’s open to the public and any tourists who want to visit for a mountainous adventure!

Which Skating Rink is Your Favorite?

I would love to know in the comments below! I’m leaning towards the rink in San Diego, but it’s hard to choose! As always, thanks for taking the time to read and explore my blog. I have some fun things planned to expand and offer more fun content. *hint* there will be a book-ish section coming soon too!

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