Peru: A Photo Story

If you never leave home, never let go. You’ll never make it to the great unknown


If Peru isn’t on your list, it should be. While I loved some cities more than others, I had an incredible experience with one of my best friends two years ago. We explored as much as we possible could in 10 days and ended up visiting over 11 different areas of the country. While we did have a few overnight bus trips to accomplish all of this, were exhausted by the end, and both got the worst stomach bugs we’ve ever gotten, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

I’ve always felt that Peru as a whole is largely ignored by the world because all they see is Machu Picchu. Yes, that archaeological site is a cultural gem and should be coveted by the entire world, there is so much more to Peru than just one place. We got to sand board in the desert, drive to one of the highest peaks in the country, ate a ridiculous amount of delicious food, kayaked Lake Titicaca, and learned about the rich culture.

Take some time with my photos below to see more of what Peru has to offer. We had never heard of many of these places before we started planning our trip and I’m so so so glad we made time for all of them.




Colca Canyon

Lake Titicaca


Sacsayhuaman & Qenko


Machu Picchu


Moray & Maras

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