Amazing Art Installations Around the World: Past and Present

The world is but a canvas to our imagination

Henry David Thoreau

I’m not a massive fan of spending days on end in art museums. I can appreciate the talent, but it’s just not something I can really sink my teeth into. Over the years I’ve realized I LOVE immersive art and creation that smacks you in the face with personality. Museums like Meow Wolf and the Museum of Illusions get me so excited because they portray creativity in non-traditional ways.

I’ve scoured the internet for more art installations that are new, intriguing, and just plain interesting to look at. I hope you like this odd assortment I’ve pulled together, although it is by no means complete. Most still exist and can be visited, others have sadly come and gone. Either way, you can enjoy them all here!

Forest of Numbers

Photo courtesy of

Where: On tour. Currently in Taipei until May 31, 2020

Can I Still Visit It?: Absolutely! Check their website for the next place it will be installed.

What: Originally created for the 10th anniversary of the National Art Museum in Tokyo, this original installation features over 60,000 pieces of numbers ranging 0-9. It spans over 2,000 square feet and took 300 volunteers to assemble. The numbers and the set up have a much deeper meaning, which I’ll leave you to explore when you visit!


Photo courtesy of

Where: Venice, Italy

Can I Still Visit It?: Sadly, no. The installation came down in late 2017.

What: A unique visual representation of the effects of climate change is the inspiration behind this piece by Lorenzo Quinn. Hands emerging from the water seem to help hold up the walls of the city. The artist created this eye-catching piece to raise awareness for climate change and time decay that the city notoriously suffers from.

Diminish and Ascend

Photo courtesy of Leighton Wallis

Where: Bondi Beach, Australia

Can I Still Visit It?: Yes!

What: Often called the Stairway to Heaven, this piece by David McCracken represents an optical illusion that it keeps ascending forever into space. This piece of art measures 30ft in length and 16.5ft in height.

Pulled By The Roots

Photo courtesy of ZKM

Where: Karlsruhe, Germany

Can I Still Visit It?: Unfortunately not.

What: This piece of art hung suspended over the town and took its title quite literally. Meant to be a statement about immigration and uprooting lives, this installation more than achieved its goal.

Tiger & Turtle

Photo courtesy of Mark Asthoff

Where: Duisburg, Germany

Can I Still Visit It?: You surely can.

What: This 69ft walkable roller coaster was created to allow pedestrians to view the beautiful countryside in a unique way. Walk at the speed of a turtle along a structure that represents the speed of a tiger for some incredible day and nighttime views.

Infinity Mirrored Room

Photo courtesy of Loz Pycock

Where: Pop up exhibits are installed all over the world at different times!

Can I Still Visit It?: It just depends on where you are. Keep an eye on Yayoi Kusama’s work to find out where she will debut her next art installation room!

What: Hundreds of lights reflect off of mirrors and pools in these small pop-up room art installations. Yayoi Kusama is infamous for these captivating rooms, so make sure you don’t miss her next one. The lines are worth waiting through to get a glimpse of these galaxy-like experiences.

Fremont Troll

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Where: Seattle, Washington

Can I Still Visit It?: 100% yes

What: Inspired by a Scandinavian fairy tale, this 18ft masterpiece constructed of concrete, wire and rebar served a noble purpose. It was created to dissuade drug dealers from using the spot and had quite successful results.

The Bruges Whale

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Where: Bruges, Belgium

Can I Still Visit It?: I believe so!

What: Made as a part of the Triennial celebrations in the city, the Bruges Whale was fabricated with 5 tons of plastic waste pulled from the ocean. It is a beautiful but powerful statement concerning the ever-growing amount of plastic plaguing the oceans worldwide.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Art Installations Around the World: Past and Present

  1. We are exactly the same where art is concerned: appreciate the talent but it isn’t really my thing… except when something like the things you showed in this post are concerned. They are all so cool! I wonder how people can navigate the upside down loop in the walkable roller coaster. When I was in Seattle for a petsit about a year ago I went to Chihuly Garden and Glass, which was what your post brought to mind. It brings out the art lover in anyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Extraordinarily unique and fascinating. Never would have been privileged to share in this inimitable creativity and pleasure; were it not for you. Your talents are very much reflected in your choice of photographs, topics, and writing skills. Looking forward to the next.


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