From Planning to Coming Home: The Hilarious Stages of Every Trip

Every stage of a trip comes with its own excitements and frustrations. I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while now. I hope you enjoy reading it and get a good laugh out of it!

Travel Planning Day 1: Hmm… maybe we should go on a trip. *checks bank account*

Planning Day 2: We’re totally doing this. *Looks at flight prices*

Planning Day 3: After arguing for 7 hours, several powerpoint presentations on why each of our picks is the best, and 1 hour of wondering how we ended up with someone so stubborn, we’ve decided to go to _____.


Planning Day 5: Phew. Okay, survived that. Now what does everyone want to do?

Planning Day 6: Looks like we’re all doing 472 things separately and 2 things together. Perfect…

Planning Day 7: Screw it. We’ll figure it out there.

Planning Day 8: OMG I’M SO EXCITED

Planning Day 9: Everything is booked! No turning back now!

Waiting Day 1: Well….shit.

Waiting Day 2: Is it too early to plan what I’m taking?

Waiting Day 30: UGHHHHHH. Time has officially stopped moving.

Waiting Day 40: Yay! The trip is almost here!

Day Before the Trip: Everything is packed. I feel great. I am in total control.

Several Hours Later: Where’s my passport? Do I even need one? Should I bring 7 more outfits just in case we do something extremely obscure?

An Hour Later: Totally under control. Everything is completely fine…again.

8 Hours Before Trip: *Wakes up suddenly at 1AM* I forgot 200 things I just know it. Maybe I should repack my bag right now just in case. Where did I put this item I probably won’t need but want to contemplate and stress over for the next 20 minutes?

2 Hours Before Trip: It’s finally happening! We made it out of the house and… WHY IS THERE SO MUCH TRAFFIC? I hope all of you aren’t going to the same destination I am.

At the Airport: Why is breakfast $40? Please, please please, let our flight be on time.

On Plane: Yes yes yes! So excited. Window seat!? Did I win the lottery?

An Hour Later: Nothing I brought to keep me interested is interesting at all. I guess I’ll sleep.

Vacation Day 1: We made it! A whole week without having to worry about anything! Now how do we get to the hotel? Wow I’m tired, but I’m going to ignore it because this is amazing.

Vacation Day 2: BEST VACATION EVER! Everything is perfect.

Vacation Day 3: If I eat another bite of this delicious food my stomach might burst. Do I want dessert? …. Yes. Yes I do.

Vacation Day 4: Are my feet still there? I can’t feel them anymore after all this walking, but I’m happy about it.

Vacation Day 5: I need a drink and if Carol says she wants to go to another museum after she dragged us to 90 I might stab her.

Vacation Day 6: I don’t ever want to go home. I live here now. Good bye old life! *checks real estate prices* Oh wow, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that.

Vacation Day 7: Damn it. Why did I buy a return ticket? I guess I’ll shove everything in my suitcase and enjoy my time left in paradise.

Home Day 1: Ugh. Just ugh. Why isn’t everything as green or pretty where I live? Why do I live here?

Home Day 2: What do you mean I still have responsibilities? You do the laundry.

Home Day 3: I guess I’ll do the laundry so I don’t have to go to work naked.

Home Day 4: I miss my vacation.

Home Day 5: I wonder how much PTO I still have left?

Home Day 6: Where should we go next?

Bank Account: You can go to the back yard.

Can anyone else relate? I got back from Puerto Rico a month ago and I’ve wanted to go on vacation again ever since. Let me know your favorite parts in the comments below!


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