5 of the World’s Most Remote Travel Destinations

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote: to travel is to live.

Hans Christian Andersen

El Hierro, Canary Islands

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

How Remote Is It?: 2,378mi from London | 3,262mi from NYC | 11,663mi to Sydney

Why It’s Worth It: As the smallest and least-known of the Canary Islands, this is one of the most remote places you can visit on the planet. With only ~20,000 visitors per year, you won’t ever have to edge around hordes of tourists to see the beautiful landscapes and sunsets the island is known for. You won’t find any shortages of scuba diving or hiking locations for your inner adventurer here!

Deception Island, Antarctica

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

How Remote Is It?: 8,553mi from London | 7.196mi from NYC | 5,518mi from Sydney

Why It’s Worth It: This island at the south pole is definitely a remote and hard to get to location, but it’s well-worth the trip. However, only around 45,000 people make the trip to the continent each year. The island is a partially submerged caldera of an active volcano, making its hot springs one of the few places in Antartica where you can boast about swimming in your bikini! Penguins and other diverse wildlife make it a nature lovers paradise.

Easter Island, Chile

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

How Remote Is It?: 8,476mi to London | 5,202mi from NYC | 5,688mi from Sydney

Why It’s Worth It: The giant moai monoliths have been attracting visitors for centuries and are largely treasured worldwide. With around 100,000 visitors it is slightly more crowded than the other locations on this list, but the mystery and history make it worth it, despite the long travel times to the world’s most remote island. While the monolith heads are what most people come to see, don’t forget to explore the caves and gorgeous landscape.


How Remote Is It?: 5,618mi to London | 8,653mi from NYC | 6,276mi from Sydney

Why It’s Worth It: When you think wild, untouched, teeming with wildlife, I hope you think of Madagascar. Yes, it’s the 4th largest island in the world, but it is without a doubt remote and home to some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet. From beaches to jungles and unique limestone formations, this island has it all.

Svalbard Archipelago, Norway

How Remote Is It?: 1,897mi to London | 3,549mi too NYC | 9,053mi to Sydney

Why It’s Worth It: Birds, reindeer, polar bears, walrus, glaciers, and icebergs. Svalbard has it all and it’s best seen by zodiac. This area is so remote that all but the most resilient of travelers visit year-round. Most visit in warmer months, but you can visit any time with the right gear. While vacationing at the top of the world isn’t for everyone, it’s a once in a lifetime visit you should definitely consider.

Penny For Your Thoughts

Which of these destinations got you itching to pack your bags? I think El Hierro wins for me, but all of these were contenders. What other remote places have you been to or thought about visiting!?

2 thoughts on “5 of the World’s Most Remote Travel Destinations

  1. I think Madagascar tops my list, followed by Easter Island, followed by El Hierro. I’ll pass on the Norwegian archipelago – we get enough snow and cold in Minnesota. I would say ditto for Antartica, but I’m a sucker for natural hot springs, so… 🙂

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