5 Over the Top Events You Need to Travel to See

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.

Paul Coelho

It has been one crazy week at work and at home. Can anyone else relate? SO sorry for getting to this a few days later than normal! At my full time job, I am a writer and literally spend all day writing, but I’m always so excited to write for my blog more than anything else. Some weeks life gets in the way and my posts get delayed.

That being said…here’s a super fun post to get you in the traveling mood. I laughed out loud at a ton of these while researching, and I’ve created a list for future posts, so expect more crazy adventure suggestions to go see sometime down the road.

Indiana Jones Zorbing

Oddly enough, this is a real sport. Zorbing was a sensation several years ago and has since evolved into something so adventurous that’s name is associated with one of the most iconic franchises of all time. Zorbing involves squeezing yourself into a giant plastic ball that also has a layer of water to prevent poppage and damage to your body. You roll yourself around, usually down a hill, for fun.

In this rendition, there are several people in zorb balls who are literally rolling down a hill while chasing runners, just like in the Indiana Jones films. Luckily, these ‘boulders’ won’t squish runners flat, but they do try their best to outrun them…if they can!

Death Dive Camp

It’s sounds way worse than it is…sort of. No one actually dies, so that’s always a plus. Death diving is belly flopping on an epic scale. Contestants are judged on form, the impact, and how many fancy moves you can get in before you straighten out and prepare for full belly impact.

If you’re looking for a cringe-inducing sport to follow, this is it. Not surprisingly at all, this is most popular in the United States. The next time you book a flight here, try searching for one of these!

Bee Wearing

Photo courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com

It might not attract swarms of competitors, but this annual event in China is something that should get your travel buzz going. You’re welcome for those bee puns. In this slightly terrifying event, competitors try to attract the most bees to their person as possible.

Each person stands on a scale and possesses a queen bee that is secured in a small cage and attached to said person. Whoever attracts the most bees (52 pounds of bees in the latest competition) in an hour will win! The record is currently 350,000 bees. That’s definitely worth traveling to see!

Extreme Ironing

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

This weird and wonderful sport is hilariously ridiculous and endearing at the same time. Phil from Leicester, UK decided to stage a small rebellion against the boring bouts of ironing he was bored to death doing and decided to take the chore to his garden. This sparked a worldwide phenomenon that has turned into something outrageous.

There are now world championships with teams competing for champion status. Sky diving while ironing? Scuba diving and ironing? What about mountain climbing and ironing on the side of a cliff? It’s all a part of them game. The weirder, the better. Don’t feel confined to the 4 walls of your house the next time your shirt needs a crisp press.

Red Bull Flugtag

Photo from flugtag.redbull.com

Have you ever wanted to dress up like a pickle, hop in a ‘flying machine’ shaped like a giant burger and launch yourself off a ramp to see how far you can fly before you plummet into a river below? Now that you mention it, this is pretty much right up my alley and I’m not alone.

Red Bull hosts an annual event that channels the creative spirit of those who are sick of the conventional aircraft available to them. Their imagination is the limit…well their engineering skills are usually where they hit some snags… but contestants can build anything from flying flamingos to UFOs. You just have to try to fly. You just have to make it the farthest out of all the competitors? Piece of cake right?


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