Unusual Libraries That Will Steal Your Heart: Part 1

When in doubt, go to the library.

Ron Weasley

Lately I’ve barely had time to read or even listen to any of my books. That fact breaks my heart. Books are something I’m always in the mood for and can never have enough of. I always take one traveling and I genuinely can’t wait to visit the libraries I’ve featured below.

So, curl up, sink your teeth into this great read, and keep your credit card far away unless you want to spontaneously book a flight to each of these countries.

Warsaw University Library

Founded in 1816 to house mostly theological and historical books, the library already housed over 134,000 books. In the 1990’s, the library underwent major architectural changes. A botanical rooftop garden, fishpond, and incredibly unique architecture make this library an absolute must-see.

Epos Boat Library

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Operating sole in several counties of Norway, this literal boat houses an extensive library and the cause is even greater. Many of the islands where it travels remain accessible only by boat, especially in the winter. Those islands are often too small to maintain their own library, so Epos comes to the rescue with books (aka joy) for everyone! It’s been so successful they have been operating since 1959!

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

It might look like a odd, giant box from the outside, but the inside houses thousands of rare books on the Yale campus. The magic doesn’t end there. While there are no windows, the marble walls filter light through creating an otherworldly lighting situation you can’t get anywhere else.

Picture Book Library

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

Located in Iwaki City, Japan, this library/museum is full of nothing but picture books. While the building was designed for younger children, you can always find visitors from all ages exploring here! As if picture books weren’t enticing enough, the building is designed to be just as visual to keep young imaginations flowing.

Beach Library

Photo by Kanika Saxena

When visiting Albena, Bulgaria, the beach library is one of the coolest attractions. With over 6,000 books in over 6 languages, this free library allows visitors to take a book and leave a book whenever they choose! What better way to spend a beach vacation than with a good book!?

Weapon of Mass Instruction

Photo by Geronimo Poppino

Whoever thought about putting a library inside and out of a tank and using it was a mobile library is a genius. This beauty can be found roving around Argentina spreading the importance of education and sharing. Every book is free as long as you promise to actually read it.

What Are Your Favorite Libraries?

I cannot wait to visit these and I’m sad to say I hadn’t heard of almost all of them before researching for a good post to do this week. I have many more on my list that I plan on featuring, but I would love to hear which ones you love the most even if they aren’t on the list yet!


8 thoughts on “Unusual Libraries That Will Steal Your Heart: Part 1

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much!! I genuinely cried a little bit when I saw this. I’m so so so glad and grateful you like my blog! All I really want is to help others thru my travel experiences. I can’t wait to post this next week!! Thank you so much again!

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  1. Oh I do love the idea of “Every book is free as long as you promise to actually read it.” Is there a quiz about the book you took before you’re allowed to take another book? How is this enforced? 🤨


    1. I loved that too! I’m not 100% sure if he quizzes his “customers” but it would be neat if he did! Maybe he keeps a list of his readers and the books they take so they can return one and then take one and then he assumes he’s read that.

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