Tips for Taking Better Travel Photos

Wherever you go, go with all your heart


Sorry I missed posting last week! Between switching jobs and going on vacation to Albuquerque I didn’t have a chance to post one. More on Albuquerque coming soon, but I hope you enjoy this one in the meantime!

Looking back on some of my pictures from past travels can be a little cringe-inducing. The past few years, photography has become a massive hobby and passion of mine, and as a result, I’ve improved a TON. Everyone starts somewhere, and photography is a life-long learning process and is something that allows you to constantly grow. Here are a few of my favorite tips that I’ve learned the hard way or have been lucky enough to have someone teach me.

Tell A Story

Dune Buggy Adventure in Peru

Ever just mindlessly snap photos to prove you’ve been somewhere? Ever take a look at those pictures a few years later and wish you put some thought into them? You’re not alone. While those pictures provide great memories, the photos that really stand out to a wide variety of people are the ones that grab you and make you think even if it’s just a little bit. They’re always way more interesting and give a unique perspective of your trip.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the first things photographers learn but is often underutilized. This rule is designed to draw the eye to a particular spot to show emphasis. Placing something in the middle of a photo can often be anticlimactic unless done exceptionally well. Make your viewers draw their attention to a specific spot and hold their focus for longer than they normally would with this method.

Change Your Perspective

Do you always take pictures from a certain angle? Remember that you aren’t married to one angle. Stand on a chair/bench. Get up close or get really far away. Take a photo from a low angle. There are endless possibilities to show one thing many different ways. Try spicing up your travel photography with a fresh angle.

Be Unexpected

Get the amazing shot that everyone else has done but also challenge yourself to think outside of the box. Everyone has seen a picture of that famous landmark you visited. How can you put a new spin on it? Experiment with angles, time of day, or even shooting through another object to frame that landmark. Nothing captures attention like doing something no one expects you to do.

Be True To Yourself

When I travel, I LOVE spending time outside, and my photography reflects that. If you love art, show it! If you love adventure, show it! Don’t be afraid to show your unique perspective. Cranking out stereotypical travel photos just because you can isn’t innovative and is almost never fun to see or look back to remember your trip with.

Try New Styles/Types of Photography Challenge Yourself

Not every destination is going to have epic landmarks that you can easily spice up with a great angle or new take on it. Some people travel for food or beaches or just to experience new cultures. If you want to branch out, practice photographing something that you love (it will show), but that is also something you might normally overlook.

For me that’s books. I ADORE reading and always have a book with me and a pile at home. I rarely take pictures of them even though I’m attached to them. I’m trying to be more on top of taking pictures that are relevant and also fun to look at.


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