Holiday Shopping Made Simple: Items Every Traveler Will Love

The holidays are a time of giving, but what do you give someone who would rather travel than spend most of their time at home? It has to be small enough to fit in a bag and useful enough to take on a trip. I’ve compiled a small list of some of my favorite travel items. With these gift ideas you really can’t go wrong!   

Neck Pillow

  • (I don’t own this picture) BUT this one does look incredible. Here‘s where you can find it. 

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said that a neck pillow has changed the way I travel. I take it on each trip whether it’s by plane or car. They come in tons of colors and patterns so you can go full funky color or go for a more muted style. 

Thick Socks


Nothing says comfort like being able to take your shoes off on a plane or hotel/hostel and have warm, comfy feet. These are especially wonderful to receive if you travel in the winter. 

Scarf with Secret Pockets

  • Here‘s where I found this. So cute!

Ever wonder where people keep their passports and important documents when traveling? If there isn’t a safe or a place to lock up your items, most people opt to keep their documents on them at all times. I tend to worry when I don’t have anywhere to zip them or hide them that isn’t super obvious and could be easy to lose. This scarf solves all of those problems!

Travel Plug Kit

  • They make inexpensive and top-of-the-line options.

My kit measures 3in x 3in. It’s incredible, light, and one of the most useful things I own. It contains a plug attachment that allows you to use your own plugs no matter which country in which you find yourself. 

Travel-Sized Quick-Dry Microfiber Towels

  •  I found this awesome looking set here.

Bringing a bath towel on a trip takes up valuable space in a bag and takes a frustratingly long time to dry. Quick-dry towels are a modern miracle for travelers. They take almost no time to dry, are easy to clean on the go, and fold up into their own small bag. Win after win after win. 

USB Charger

  • These come in all sizes and power capabilities.

Whether it’s a solar charger or just a standard backup battery that is rechargeable, having one of these is essential. Some people don’t want to bring a DLSR camera and rely on their phones. Taking photos and videos can drain a battery very quickly. Having a portable charger can be the difference between having travel photos and committing your favorite places to memory. 

Travel-Sized Toiletries

  • They make containers for liquids or you can get individual items.

If in doubt, travel-sized anything is useful and always welcome and useful. These items can be found in any grocery store and most convenience stores. These make great stocking stuffers!

Self-Care Items

  • I recently tried this one and loved it. 

Travel sometimes means roughing it. Not everyone gets to stay in a luxury hotel so having self-care items could transform a decent trip into an enjoyable one. Face masks, wet wipes, body spray, hand warmers, flip flops/shower shoes, etc.  are great ideas that are easy to bring and can boost morale!

I don’t own the rights to any of the above pictures. They are for informative purposes only.

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