Best Way to Beat the Turkey Wobbles When Traveling This Thanksgiving

” An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving day.” — Irv Kupcinet

Thanksgiving is a day I commonly and lovingly refer to as a day where you gobble until you wobble. As a group fitness instructor that is also a hard thing to stomach. Pun intended. Exercise has become a massive part of my life even when I travel and especially over the holidays.

Let’s face it; food is inevitable during certain times of the year and traveling to see family and friends can take a toll on the body as well. I drive a minimum of 4.5 hours to see my side of the family and I find myself feeling like a blob after that drive, and I haven’t even eaten the food yet.

Good news folks, there are plenty of ways to fend off the holiday jiggles and add a little fun to the holidays. If applicable, the following are also great ways to see new parts of a town/city you’re visiting and a way to escape the in-laws for a short endorphin-filled activity.


My favorite way to beat the turkey wobbles? Turkey Trots


My boyfriend and I started this tradition five years ago, and we have now run 5k, and 10k fun runs on Thanksgiving morning in three states. While it is usually pretty cold, we start the day doing something together that we both enjoy.

Giving Back

Almost all of the turkey trots I’ve participated in give back the proceeds or a portion of them to the community. Many of the events are hosted by charitable organizations so you know your money is going somewhere that can truly make a difference. Many races also supplement the seasonal giving by hosting a food drive during the event to maximize their positive impact.

See a New Place in a New Way

Even if you’re going home for the holidays, you can see a new part of your city or connect with people you haven’t seen in a long time. Take a mini vacation if you aren’t seeing family this year and experience a new place like a local!

No Guilt

The prices are almost always extraordinarily low and you burn off a massive amount of calories before the eating festivities have begun. While the rest of your family and friends are sitting on the couch complaining about the weight gain you are out there getting healthier on a day where most people fall off the wagon.

Family Friendly

Many turkey trots feature different race distances. There are longer runs for adults and kid-friendly distances as well. There’s something for everyone! The race I’m running in this year is the first one we’ve participated in that allows dogs, so it is truly family friendly!

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