Staying Comfortable On A Long Haul Flight.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Is it even possible? It depends on which class you’re flying. When in first class it would be pretty tricky to feel the need to utter the words “I wish I had more room” or “would you mind not reclining your seat into my lap? or “STOP KICKING MY SEAT”. Business class is a little bit more snug, but everything is a lap of luxury compared to Economy. If you’ve every flown even the shortest of distances in Economy seating you will know that you are jammed in like a pack of sardines and I wish I was exaggerating.

Is there anything that can make feeling like you’re about to be squished in a corner or in between two people even remotely better? The good news is yes it is possible. Will you feel like you’re in Business class if you follow these tips? Probably not, but you’ll at least be a little bit more comfortable than you would have been.

Wear Stretchy and Breathable Clothing

Nothing says uncomfortable quite like restrictive clothing on a plane. Sometimes being on a flight means getting creative with your sitting positions. However, if your clothes force you to sit in a ramrod position for hours on end your back might rebel and try to ruin the first part of your trip. Breathable clothes are essential because no one wants to smell a sweaty person and you can regulate your temperature easily.

Bring a Neck Pillow

How I went over 20 years without buying a neck pillow I will never know. I’ve never slept better on a plane and you have the added bonus of being able to easily store it on a backpack AND it doesn’t even have to go on your neck to be a great pillow

Prop Your Feet Up

PLEASE don’t put your feet up on a seat. Just imagine how much you’re kicking the person in front of you and ask yourself if you would want a smelly, random foot poking through on your armrest. The answer should be no. Amazon is one of many places where you can buy adjustable foot rests that attach to tray tables. There are lots of options that are light and small enough to fit in a carry on.

Choose a Good Seat

Do you enjoy sitting in between strangers? Do you like extra legroom with a sneaky foot in the aisle? Or are you more like me and like to lean against the window for extra comfort and space? Find out which seat you like best and opt to choose your seats so you can ensure something is under your control.

Don’t Bring More Than You Need

Ever shake your head at the person who brings seven carry-on items that could fit into one bag and is constantly flustered and popping up out of their seat like an awkward game of plane whack-a-mole? There’s always one on a plane. Make sure you compartmentalize your carry on and if you know you’re going to want something out of it either stow your bag under the seat in front of you or choose an aisle seat to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

Bring Entertainment

Being comfortable has a lot to do with tricking yourself that you’re relaxed enough to enjoy doing something else. Bring three different things to occupy your mind. I like to bring a book, a puzzle, and some music. If all of those get boring, try to sleep.

Pamper Yourself

There are some things that not only make life easier but a little bit more relaxing especially on long-haul flights. Bring a small bag of toiletries and a light jacket or a blanket. Being able to go through your routine, even if it is in an airplane bathroom, can make a world of difference in feeling like yourself. Bringing a face mask or sleeping mask can help you forget you’re squished next to dozens of people. Find what works for you and bring travel sized options! #treatyoself


Did these help? Which ones are your “go to” options when traveling?

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