Where Do I Go Now? 5 Fun Ways To Pick Your Next Travel Destination

Me: I want to travel more. My bank account: Like…to the park?”–Unknown


Some people have life all figured out. They’ve got the time, funds, flexible work schedule and a gigantic planned list of where they are going and when. Then there are the rest of us who realize that every country is on our bucket list and we HAVE TO GO EVERYWHERE. But how do you choose what’s next? There are tons of factors to take in such as season, political climate, cost and time available. Choosing where you travel next should be as much of a positive adventure as your trip itself. Here are some ways to spice up the choosing experience!


1. Spin A Globe

Get your travel buddies together and spin the globe and head out to the first destination you land on. Each year a different travel buddy can spin and pick! OR everyone can spin the globe and the first person to land closest to their destination twice is where you will go!

2. Throw A Dart At A Map

We’ve all heard of this one, but it’s a great way to choose a vacation with a little more control unless you decide to try it blindfolded. (Please make sure everyone is out of the way of your darts in case you’re like me and have really bad aim.) Wherever your dart lands go there! As you’ll soon realize you’ll probably take a little while to not hit the water, but why not plan a cruise or choose a country close to the dart? Or plan a beach vacation based on your budget or nearest location to your dart? The possibilities are endless!

3. Draw Lots With Destinations

Have some paper or popsicle sticks lying around? Write at least 10 destinations on them, mix them up and choose one! To make it more in-depth start out by drawing straws on which continent to visit and narrow it down from there!

4. Generate A Random Location with GPS

Pick a number between 0 and 90. Pick another number between 0 and 180. Using a GPS coordinate generator enter the first number as latitude and the second as longitude. If your destination came out in the ocean go on a cruise based out of the closest country to your coordinates.

5. Pull It Out of A Hat

Or Tupperware or whatever you have that is a container of some sort. To make it even more fun have one bowl with separate pieces of paper with your top 10 travel destinations and another with 10 activities you’ve always wanted to try. Book your trip and activities based on what you choose!




There are tons of fun ways to pick where you travel. If you’re on a budget you can always modify any of the choices above to only include locations within your budget. There are also tons of destination generators that have filters to help get you the best vacation possible! Just remember that traveling should be fun. Go somewhere that inspires you and excites you just thinking about and planning your trip.

Where is your next travel destination? I would love to hear all about it! Mine is most likely a road trip to the beach and my next vacation abroad might possibly be Greece!

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7 thoughts on “Where Do I Go Now? 5 Fun Ways To Pick Your Next Travel Destination

  1. some people might think that you are insane, we know that you are just fond of living life on the edge. After all, #YOLO!
    some more ways to pick your next travel destination
    1) Draw lots with destinations
    2) Take a quiz!
    3) Put a map in front of your dog/cat and let it decide

  2. Headed to NYC next! Wish I could find someone willing to actually commit to the spinning the globe thing. Last time I tried we landed on Mongolia.

    1. That’s so exciting! I just took a day trip there. I hope you have all the fun! Mongolia seems incredible from what I’ve heard from friends!! There’s always the option of traveling solo!

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